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Sabrina posted in Sleep Jan 11

Screaming/crying in their sleep or when waking up?

Hey Mommies! My baby boy will be 6months old in just a few short days. He is a GREAT baby! Always happy, smiling and hardly ever crying. Just recently he has started this heartbreaking habit where in the middle of him sleeping he just starts SCREAMING. Its not his normal cry and it doesnt build up. One minute he is as peacefully as ever and the next he is SCREAMING. Sometimes with his eyes stil... More

Switching Formulas?

Currently my son is drinking Enfamil Enspire formula. When we chose this formula it was because he was a breastfed baby but as my milk supply decreased I had to begin supplementing, we chose Enfamil Enspire because we were told it was the closest thing to Breastmilk. He is now exclusively formula fed. Anyways, we recently bought a container of Enfamil NeuroPro bc he's 6mo old and goes thro... More

Sabrina posted in Babies Jan 01

Lemons & Limes with babies?

My son will be 6 months old in 11 days and I’ve been wondering at what age is it okay to let him try a lemon or lime? I don’t want the citrus to hurt him but he has such strong facial expressions as it is so I’m dying to see how he will react. Just don’t want to do it too soon and take a chance that the citrus will hurt his tummy. Any advice would be appreciated!

Car seat problems?

Does any other mommys struggle with car rides with their babies? My son is 5 months old and he HATES his car seat. He will scream and cry from the time he goes in his seat until we get where we are going and can safely take him out. He is fine when he is in his seat attached to his stroller and we are out & about but as soon as we put him in the car he looses it. Also, when we are parked so... More

Meeting mommy friends?

I've always been someone with a plenty of friends & people to hang out with & as soon as I became pregnant all my friends disappeared. I always knew moms who talked about losing friends when they became a mom but I didn't realize I was gonna have to meet all new friends. & Meeting mommy friends is a lot harder than I thought. Did any other mommys struggle with making new m... More

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