Jackson, NJ
Erika posted in Diapering Feb 23

Peeing through his diaper

At night my second child pees through his diaper so recently we have tried booster pads for the diaper. But he doesn’t like them. He wakes up in the middle of the night now. We have tried good night diapers and we put a fresh diaper on right before he goes to bed. Is there anything we can do to have him be comfortable and sleep through the night?

My six month started to have diarrhea yesterday.

Everything is running through him. He has no fever and isn’t cranky. His butt is getting red can I do anything? I think it’s his teeth.


My soon to be five month old has a bad habit of scratching. I file his nails every other day but if his gloves are off he will dig in and cause bleeding. Recently we switched to socks because he was taking the gloves off. Any one have any advice on how to get him to stop scratching himself?

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