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I teeter between loving motherhood and being super scared. But I love my kids and I want to continue to grown and learn for them.

Language learning at home

Hello parents! I hope all is well. Given the fact that we are all home now and homeschooling our babies and toddlers, can anyone suggest apps or websites that help teach French? I’m teaching our2 yr old and 6yr old but I realize what we are already using is a bit fast for them. (Duolingo) Stay safe out there everyone. ❤️

Ashley posted in Behavior Jan 04

Toddlers in time outs

My daughter is turning 2 in three weeks. She’s smart and can speak very well for her age and is pretty opinionated, but she’s also got a crybaby attitude. If she doesn’t get her way there’s tears and drooling and screaming. I usually have a filter where I kind of just let her cry it out because she cannot get her way all the time. Today I tried something new, putting her on a time-out. I don’t... More

My 10mo has 8 teeth already. How do I get her to brush her teeth?

My daughter eats lots of fruits and veggies and i give her some table food as well which in our household is almost always seasoned in some way. So she ends up with breath that smells like garlic or ginger or something. I typically wash her mouth with a washcloth at bath time and she has a toothbrush that she is accustomed to holding and chewing. That isnt working out so great anymore. To get h... More

7 month old is getting too long for her Halo bassinet.. but we have no room for a bigger crib

Hey Guys! I need some help. What type of bed should i put in place of the Halo bassinet we got for our girl? I love the bassinet but im pretty disappointed that she cant sleep in it much longer because shes already getting too long for it. Hubby and i were planning to move out of MIL house soon but in the meantime we are working with one bed room and we already have a 'big boy' bed in... More

New mom looking for work from home opportunities

Hey parents! I'm a new mother and unfortunately ive recently lost my job. I am looking for ways to work from home now. Any tips?

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