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Pumping at 1 year

Any moms only breastfeed the first year and then start pumping to build a supply to help ease the switch to cows milk? I wasn’t a great pumper when my son was born and I’m a stay home mom so I just stuck to breastfeeding, he just turned one and I’d like to be able to leave once in a while but I’m not sure how to go about pumping or getting him switched or both lol. Any advice on starting pumpin... More

Breastfeeding to Milk

I’ve been thinking about the switch to cows milk and how I’m going to do it, my son is 11 months old and has only ever been breastfed, I’ve never been good at pumping and now my pump is packed somewhere in my storage unit . He takes a sippy cup with water just fine, so I’m hoping after his birthday we can transfer to milk alright. My problem is he comfort eats, he falls asleep nursing, and we c... More

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