Lakeside, CA

Mom of three crazy girls

Leaving baby

Need an adult night out big time. My husbands 30th birthday is coming up and we’d like to get out! My six month old is breast fed, and is started on solids. She will take formula, but she will NOT take a bottle or sippy. The only way I get her to drink it is out of a cup, like for a grown up.... she is seriously a PITA. My sister is willing to watch her though. I know she’ll be ok even if it’s... More

Moms of multiples

Really struggling to go out with my three girls. They are a handful to say the least. My oldest is almost four, middle is three and a half, and baby is five months. The older two are just awful when it’s time to leave the park, which makes it that much harder to even want to take them. How do you do it? I can’t be the only one struggling

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