Birmingham, AL

I am a mom to Sawyer (5), Norah (2) and Sloan (NB) and about 20 students at Gresham Elementary. I teach first grade and will start my 12th year after my maternity leave is over. I’m an Auburn fan/alumna and grew up in Birmingham. Married to a hilarious man that loves legos.

Teething and nursing

My six month old has two teeth on the bottom, she has started biting me. She has done it enough that I started bleeding today. Obviously it is painful, any ideas about how to make her stop? It is both sides at random times. I was using a guard when she made me bleed.

Nursing at night

I have been blessed with two children that slept through the night early on... (8 weeks). My third baby is holding out. She is five months and still wakes up at night. I’m feeding her when she wakes up, sometimes she wakes once and sometimes three times. She is definitely not in need of gaining weight. At what point should I try rocking her back to sleep without feeding her? This is uncharted... More

Babysitter needed

I am currently on maternity leave and go back to work 9/20. We will need someone to come to our home and watch two kids every Monday and some Tuesdays. Thanks in advance!

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