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Weaning breastfed babies

My daughter is one and although we are not weaning yet I have no clue how to start when the time comes! She is sooo dependent on the boob, she would nurse all day if I let her 😩 & she still nurses 6 times a day. I’ll try to redirect her with food or a cup but she knows what she wants. I know it’s a bad habit but it’s the only way I can get her to sleep as well. I tried to night wean but she... More

How do I get a baby who refuses a bottle to drink from a sippy cup ?

My daughter is breastfed, when I started school again at 9 wks pp she refused a bottle. I was told just give it time but she never took it. We started solids at 4 months old so she would at least be eating something. We tried introducing a sippy cup around 6 months old but she wouldn’t take it. Her doctor said she needs to be using one by a year old, well she will be a year old in two weeks and... More

Breath holding spells?!

My daughter (10 month old) has had breath holding spells since birth. We would blow in her face and she would breathe. That’s not working anymore so last night she turned dark blue. Once she took a breath it took her a second to recover. The doctor said don’t be surprised if she passes out & seizures are also common during a breath holding episode. They said she just has to grow out of it. ... More

Breastfeeding with teeth

Ever since my little girl got her top tooth she has been accidentally nicking me with it while breastfeeding, I’m so sore lately! Will they figure out how to nurse better with teeth or is this just how it goes when a baby has teeth ?

Night Weaning

My 10 month old has been waking 2-3 times a night. I can’t keep this up anymore once I start school again. Her Dr recommended night weaning but how she suggested isn’t working and If I let her cry it out she will never stop. Does anyone have any advice?

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