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How to sleep train at 9/ almost 10 months old.

She doesn't pasci, she just chews on then and throws them. She loves stuffed animals when she's awake, and playing with blankets... Part of me feels she's ready. She's got a whole crib we use as a play pen.. we don't do bottles to bed, and we're on a pretty good schedule. My sister in law says she's a light sleeper.. could that be why .

Santa Photos

Does anyone know where i can get good santa PHOTOS (plural) for a good proce? The parks mall has them priced at $37 for one 5x7 76018

Eating before medicine

My 9mo is taking amoxicillin twice a day, and the doctor said after a meal.. she hasnt been eating her whole breakfast so today i gave her a half portion of breakfast and then her formula, and then the medicine... is that considered food? Her formula?

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