Seattle, WA

Love living in Seattle with my husband, toddler, and baby-on-the-way. We don’t have much family in the area so we are constantly looking for other families and babysitters to connect with. I work full time while trying to juggle meals, house chores, toddler daycare, play dates, and a social life... I’m exhausted but so grateful for it all!

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Son won’t poop on the potty

My 24mo old son is only five days into potty training with the Oh Crap! method. Things are going WAY better than I thought. He hasn’t had a pee accident since the first day. But pooping is a whole different story. He refuses to poop on the potty.. I think he’s scared because it’s such a new feeling. I can recognize when he has to poop and will tell him, “I know you have to poop, let’s go s... More

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