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Sara posted in Behavior Oct 29

Getting toddler out the door

My son is almost 2.5yo and is very interested in dictating what he does, doing everything himself, and throwing tantrums if one little thing goes wrong. I can normally deal with the outbursts, whining and tantrums, but when we have to leave the house to go somewhere it gets ridiculous. We have a pretty consistent morning routine and I’ve lately taken the “Positive Discipline” advice of talkin... More

Son won’t poop on the potty

My 24mo old son is only five days into potty training with the Oh Crap! method. Things are going WAY better than I thought. He hasn’t had a pee accident since the first day. But pooping is a whole different story. He refuses to poop on the potty.. I think he’s scared because it’s such a new feeling. I can recognize when he has to poop and will tell him, “I know you have to poop, let’s go s... More

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