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Ideal age to start daycare?

Our son is 22 months old and we are deciding to start him at a daycare when he turns 2. We are very lucky to find a spot at a wonderful daycare :) Still, I’m wondering what’s the ideal age for that? He is very curious, yet very calm. He likes to play by himself, but likes to have people around him. And it is a bit of a bittersweet news to me as he has always been home with a nanny, and even... More

Looking for nanny-share in Inner Sunset!

We currently have a full-time nanny, but our 18 month old son is becoming very social and interested in connecting with other kids :) So we are looking for another family wanting to do nanny share perhaps twice a week. We can host or go to you (or alternate houses, like once a week in each house). We live right down the street from UCSF Parnassus. I know I’m biased, but our wee is super kind ... More

Hi everyone! My husband and I are pondering on the day care options for our son. He will be 4 months old when we both go back to work and although we did get a spot at a great day care center (Bright Horizons) it seems to us that he will be too young to be at that kind of environment with many other infants. He seems to be very easily over stimulated and prefers calmer environments. Sometim... More

Hi wonderful parents! We had our first son last month (August) and were thinking of hiring a full-time nanny, but we are overwhelmed by the amount of paper work required. Apparently we need to get a federal employer identification number, do all the payroll/forms/taxes stuff, make sure we have an insurance with enough coverage to have someone performing work in our house, and so on. Appreciate... More

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