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Your favorite Netflix shows?

I have a first break from my close-to-two year old for three days coming up next weekend. Going to give myself creative and nourishing time, writing, drawing, plus the stuff that's hard to get around to, like decluttering. I want to crowd source the best netflix shows that you have found enjoyable/helpful especially as a mother... I'm planning on watching the brene brown show, and mar... More

Looking for ways to use breast milk

Hi everyone, I have a 21-months-old toddler, still breastfeeding but does not take breast milk in a bottle or cup (I hear this is common for toddlers) nor as a popsicle. I have some frozen breast milk from pumping on a trip, and would like to use it for her. Before I go through the trouble of baking with breast milk or making other things, I'd love to hear if there's a reasonable chanc... More

Not being with my 18-month-old for three nights

I have a dilemma--there's a trip to relatives that my husband and baby will go on, and for multiple reasons it's better for me to stay behind. However, our 18-month-old daughter cosleeps with us, and generally needs me at night, especially to fall asleep. She nurses to fall asleep and nurses a few times in the early morning still. I just don't know how she will do with three night... More

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