April Geraldine

April Geraldine

Downey, CA

Crying crying crying????

My Two Year Old Cry’s A lot And I Dont Understand Why... She Crys For Every Little Thing And Has Big Tantrums :/ I Give Her What She Wants And Still Gets Upset!!! I Don’t Understand.. it’s Very Frustrating Because I Want To Help Her Out But She Makes It So Hard ! I Don’t Know What To Do .... even with her dad she does this but mostly with me !!! I Try To Ignore Her But I Dont Want To Ignore Her... More

My LO Has Trouble Speaking

My LO Just Turned Two Yesterday And She Just Knows Maybe A Couple Words ... She Moves Her Mouth Like She Wants To Speak All Day And Blabbing But Not So Many Words ... I Have Friends That Their LO Are Same Age And Know So Many Words ... I’m Starting To Really Worry About My Mia ... Any Advice?

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