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Toddler dry skin

Hi everyone, My toddler has dry skin patches all around her body. I feel like they just came out of nowhere. She’s been scratching non stop. We are seeing her doctor on Tuesday, but has anyone dealt with this? I think she may even have eczema on her thigh, I’m not sure because I’ve never seen it before. Also, what are the best over the counter ointments to help soothe her? Any advice is welcome... More

Sick 20 month old won’t eat

My 20 month old has a fever, is congested, coughing and has low energy all around. She refuses to eat and only wants to nurse. I don’t know what to offer her or what to do, today she’s only ate a couple of slices of cheddar cheese and a piece of bread. ant advice?

Meal time with toddler

My 19 month old refuses most foods I give her, which I know is normal, but she refuses before she’s even tasted the food! What do I do? She’ll just grab whatever is on her plate and shred it and throw it on the floor, will not bring up to her lips at all. 😩

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Music and Movement class for infants and toddlers with Ms.Tina is amazing. We have a lot of fun singing, dancing and Story time. Mondays 12:15pm-1pm Wednesdays 10:15am-11am

My 18mo has been coughing, help!

My daughter has been coughing, not excessively. Only a few times throughout the day, and at night. She is 18 months old and Im not sure what to do. There are no other symptoms. I will call my pediatrician tomorrow, but she won’t get back to me right away; and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for tonight? Thanks in advance.

My 17 month old chews up her food and spits it out. Does anyone have any idea why or what to do?

I know she doesn’t mind the taste because she’ll put the food in her mouth, if she doesn’t like something she won’t eat it at all.

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