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Christmas books

What are your favorite Christmas books for kids? We are no longer using board books and have such a huge section at our library for picture books. I want to get some today.

No more naps

My 22 month old decided he doesn't need naps Any more...the exact same week I caught a has been a tiresome week. I know he's a little young for no naps..any idea why this change occurred? He does go to sleep a few hours earlier. I'm just not sure what to do with the extra 3 hours he's awake. We have a busy month planned and we always keep pretty busy but even so what... More

Cups for smoothies

I finally got rid of the bottle! So glad about that but now I need a special cup for smoothies for my 21 month old preferably with a straw...any recommendations??... (btw I just widened the hole in the nipple and he drank smoothies through his bottle previously)

Must have board books and toys

My son will be 18 months next month and I want to expand his board book collection...any recommendations?? Also toys that are both educational and age appropriate.

Hey everyone, So, my 14 month old is starting to hit everyone with his hands and with toys and books. He doesn't listen when I tell him no. I tell him it's not nice and it's mean and it hurts, but he doesn't get the point. Is there any other way I can teach him that hitting is bad?

Hey everyone, So my little one just turned one and has suddenly become a picky eater. He throws his food off the high chair and refuses to eat certain foods that he has eaten before with no problem. I don't know how to be sure he is getting enough calories. His weight is normal, but I'm still concerned since he is no longer taking formula. I think he is holding out for a bottle everyti... More

I need help. My little one just turned one and has been getting clingy. He plays independently when I am around, but when I leave the room he follows me and insists I pick him up. This is kinda new, I don't mind, but it's really hard to get things done. Does anyone know the reason this change has occurred? We are looking to enroll him in daycare for the first time ever and I'm nerv... More

Is it just me or are toddlers hard to keep up with? My one year old brought all his toys and books into the living room one by one, he gets into nearly everything and I have to keep one eye on him at all times...I'm just not sure how to keep him occupied anymore..someone have advice? By the end of the day I'm worn and stressed out...I wanted to have at least 2 kids, but I'm not sure... More

I recently quit my job to be a sahm, I feel like if I could do it financially then why not? Anyhow, I am looking for book recommendations and resources ..topics include, parenting, homemaking, development, and anything else that cam be useful to parents who wish the best life for their children. Comment the book/resource that you like most. Thanks in advance

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