Bellevue, OH

I'm a mom of a 4 year old girl, her daddy is out of the picture. I have a wonderful fiance who treats us better than my ex ever did! :)

Step dad struggling to be as loved as mommy.

My fiance has been struggling lately with my daughter. He feels like a terrible dad because my daughter says she doesn't want to spend tine with just him. This is his first time around a kid and he's been strict as of late. I try to tell him when he's going overboard but he doesn't always listen. They fight a lot and I'm at a loss as to what to do. She cries when I leave, or... More

How do you explain religion to a 3 year old?

My child asked me what angels are, I'm not Christian. However I do believe in angels. I am a pagan so I have 2 deities and I'm not really sure how to explain on her level what it all means.

Imaginary friends?

My 3 yo talks to herself all the time, she's an only child. I wasn't really concerned before but my bf brought up that she seems to scold herself. She has full conversations, both sides, arguing about things. Ex. I want to do this. but mommy will be mad. but I want to do it. You can't do that. I just want to know if it's relatively normal.

Earning extra money

I have the week of memorial day off and I need ways to make a extra money. I'll have my 3 year old the whole time so I'm hoping something online or where it's ok to have her with me.

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