Anya & Deepak

San Francisco, CA

new parents to a baby boy

My 8 month old has just declared war on solids. He had a bad cough and so started detesting solids. Now the cough is gone but he refuses to eat. I know breastmilk is enough but there will come a day when it isn't and what will I do then? It wasn't like he was eating burgers and noodles. He was eating pureed avacado, sweet potato, carrots and oats. I don't know what to do. I keep offering, he keeps denying. I tried baby led weaning. He takes each piece of his meal and systematically drops it on the floor while looking at me. HELP!


Found ourselves in Alameda today and decided to go to Burma Superstar. Clean tables, clean high chair. Gave my baby a balled up portion of rice and steamed broccoli. But I'm sure you can ask for more creative things from the kitchen if you did not want to prep food from home. The staff were super friendly and nice and made sure all the silverware was out of reach of our very curious 8 month old.


What an amazing store for everything related to feeding baby. It is actually a center with lactation consultants and classes and pump rentals but they also have a store with only the best non toxic items for baby. Leagues ahead of stores like giggle that claim that but can't even make you feel like you should be there.

What do you do when daycare is closed? I don't have any vacation time left to take. Help!!!

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