Bellingham, WA

My 3 yr old takes FOREVER to fall asleep!!!!!

I don’t know if she just has insomnia or if I’m doing something wrong but bed time is a huge battle that lasts for two hours and strips me from having any alone time. I’m a single parent so I don’t have anyone helping me get her to bed. She throws a fit if I leave the room so I’m sitting here until she falls asleep. She’ll roll around in the bed, talk to herself, sing, play with her stuff anima... More

Letter to my daughter: What it means to be your mother

Picking foam blocks off the floor at midnight. Discovering a half eaten pop tart in my desk drawer. Putting Winnie-the-Pooh pants in the wash that are still warm from the dryer. Hearing, "momma" when you really said, "gaga goo goo." Bearing witness to your latest discoveries, the t.v. remote volume; the trash can lid; the knob to the front door; the zipper to my hoodie; your... More

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