Cleveland, OH

Mom of two rambunctious one year olds!

Mother is really pushy about Potty Training

Hey parents! My twin girls are 15 months old and my mother is REALLY pushing for potty training but I still think they’re too young. They aren’t really interested in the bathroom beyond following me inside and getting under the cupboards. We introduced them to a my sized potty and they pretty much just use it as a stool to stand on. My mom INSISTS that if they aren’t potty trained by the time t... More

Dresean recommended a place Dec 19, 2018


My girls had a BLAST at the Little Explorers Activity Center at Great Northern mall. It’s a giant indoor playground with sand pit included, we spent a couple hours here and when we left my girls went right to sleep. Stayed asleep from the car to the crib and for the rest of the night!

Unbearable Spitting!

How do I curb my girls urge to spit and raspberry during meal times? I’m doing so much laundry at this point because I’m wearing more food than they’re eating!

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