wonder mommy

wonder mommy

Las Vegas, NV

With a 16 yo and a 1 yo, life is definitely interesting. I feel brand new to parenting again!

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Good areas to trick or treat in Las Vegas?

My kids love Halloween so much. It’s their favorite holiday besides Christmas, like many kids. Since moving from California we have not been able to find a nice trick or treating spot and it hasn’t been as fun for them. Does anyone have some suggestions on areas or neighborhoods that really get into the Halloween spirit? Lots of kids and decor....? Somewhere safe? Thank you in advance to any wh... More

My daughter is 1 1/2 now. We were given a little potty by a friend for when she starts potty training. I’ve kept it in the bathroom. My daughter has been pushing it around the house and playing with it. My question is, by letting her “play” with this little potty, have I hurt our chances of her actually using it for a Potty training tool when we start? Has anybody experienced this with their ch... More

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