San Marcos, CA
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Rebecca recommended a place Oct 08, 2018


We eat here. When we don’t use the childcare. It is perfect for those that need it. They even have it set up so you can have a table with a window into the childcare room if you desire. They have a awesome restroom for diaper changes as well. Makes it easy for a mom to go out to eat !!

Question about kaiser.

Kaiser is new to me and I have a iud and want it removed to get pregnant again. They would not schedule me until November. As it would have to to be with some nurse Practitioner and the soonest in all of my areas would be then. Why does this sound crazy to me. Does anyone have suggestions on how to work around this. .


Suggestions on hitting . My 2 year old is a hitter for months . She is fine on play dates with my friends kids. But when we are out in public. . She literally will just run up to kids and hit them. I’ve tried we say hi. I’ve tried ignoring her and showing empathy to the other kid and then having her say sorry. She kind of also hits her dad. She seems to do it out of spite.

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