Temecula, CA

Kid podcasts

My 4 1/2 year old has great audio listening skills (well, not with listening to mom and dad ha!) and I would love some recommendations for fun podcasts we can listen to while driving. Thanks!

Smoothie cups

I’m searching for an awesome spill proof cup for my toddler to drink his daily smoothie out of. Basic sippy cups don’t usually work for the thickness of the drink and I don’t want to find leaks on my floors and splats on my walls if I let him take the cup with him to sip on while he plays. I would love some recommendations. Thanks all!


I’m looking for brand recommendations for swimsuits for a 2.5 y/o girl. Decently priced, holds up well to a summer of frequent beach and pool days. Thanks in advance!

Navigating the staircase

How did you teach your child to use the stairs in your home? What age did you begin teaching? My baby is a year old and we have gates at the bottom and top of our carpeted stairs but I’m getting antsy to teach him how to safely use the stairs (with my supervision of course). Just wondering how young I can start this. He has been walking for about a month now.

Roomba or iLife

Anyone have one of these? Specifically the one that both vacuums and mops the floor. Do you love it? Did you find it worth the price? I don’t want to spend on one of these robots if it has more cons than pros but I’m looking to make my workload lighter around the house. I have a golden retriever that sheds and I have to vacuum every day which is so tedious. Our floor is tile and we have two sep... More

Healthy and easy snacks

I would love some snack recommendations for my son. Why is it that little kids just want snack after snack, even after a full meal?! I can’t keep enough snacks in the house these days. He is 4 and petite (barely 30 pounds) and I try to feed him high calorie nutritious snacks as much as possible. He won’t eat bananas and only sometimes he will eat avocado. I usually keep carrots and hummus, clif... More

Baby hats and sunscreen

My 9 month old absolutely hates hats. Rips them off as soon as they go on his head. Anyone know of a good brand of sunscreen that is safe for his partially bald head that won’t make him look like a grease ball?? All of the sunscreen I have tried is so thick and greasy and it looks gross on his head and is very difficult to get out when I bathe him. Thanks all!

LegoLand California

I want to take my son to LegoLand for his 4th birthday. He is smaller than your average 4 year old (only weighing slightly less than 30 lbs) and I worry that he may not be able to do everything because of his size. This would be a waste of money for the price of those tickets. Anyone familiar with LegoLand? He really loves Ninjago so that would be the most important part of the park that I woul... More

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