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Give me all the organizational tips, please!

We are expecting our second daughter in December and we will be trying to make our tiny two bedroom apartment work until we can buy a house. We’re pretty minimalist and don’t have a lot of clutter or unnecessary stuff, but I’m desperately looking for some kitchen organization hacks. I think I spend a good deal of my life these days frantically hunting for Tupperware lids and I might lose my ... More

What’s the best way to help prepare your toddler for the arrival of baby No. 2?

We have a 20 month old toddler and we are due with baby No. 2 in December. My toddler seems really interested in baby and will tell us she wants to go for walks with her, and asks to see my belly all the time to give it hugs and kisses. She even tries to share her food with my belly... 😂 I’m wondering if you can recommend any books or tips that helped prepare your toddlers for being an old... More

Is sleep-time separation anxiety something we just have to ride out?

My 20 month old daughter has suddenly starting screaming when we say goodnight. Before naps and bedtime. She IS currently teething (eye teeth 😩 send help) but, Motrin doesn’t seem to make a difference with this anxiety. She just clings to us and doesn’t want us to leave. It’s really hard! Any tips? Words of encouragement? Time travel device for getting through this stage?

Have you heard of mental health first aid kits?

I read a really interesting article about putting together first aid kits designed to help during a mental health crisis. I thought it was such a great idea! Especially with depression and anxiety levels increasing in kids and teens. Here is a link to the article: https://www.cbc.ca/parents/learning/view/how-to-build-a-mental-health-first-aid-kit What are your thoughts? Would you put one tog... More

Karli, a Sesame Street character in foster care

Did anyone hear about this? So great to see some representation of non-traditional home life on TV. Hopefully, this will open up some dialogue and help to remove some of the stigmas associated with kids in the foster care system. Yay Sesame Street! 🙌🏼 https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/05/20/entertainment/sesame-street-karli-foster-care/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.ca%2F

Jade posted in Pets Mar 27, 2019

Tips on re-homing a pet

Our poor cat has really struggled with anxiety since our daughter was born last year. Ultimately, we’ve decided that the kindest thing we can do for our kitty is to find a new, child-free home for her where she can get the attention she needs! We’d like to make this transition as smooth as possible for her. Any practical tips? Has anyone had to re-home a pet after having a baby? Thank you!

All the laundry tips, please!

I recently purchased a lovely antique wool blanket, but even after washing it with special wool-friendly soap, I cannot seem to rid it of a very strong perfume-y smell. I would normally hang it outside for a few days but we are buried under snow and ice here, so that’s not really an option at the moment. What are your tips and tricks for getting rid of stubborn smells trapped in fabrics? ... More

Sneaky green “Grinch” muffins!

I made these muffins yesterday and they are delicious! Super easy way to sneak in some leafy greens. Anyone have any other healthy recipe ideas to share? I'd love to hear some creative ways to include more vegetables! https://www.thenaturalnurturer.com/blog/oatmeal-green-smoothie-muffins

Jade posted in DIY Nov 30, 2018

Eco-friendly gift wrap ideas?

I recently learned that any gift wrap that is shiny or has decorative foil on it isn’t recyclable! So I’m looking for some creative materials I can use to wrap gifts and reduce waste this year. Newspaper is always a classic, but can be a little dirty. Any ideas? 💡

Jade posted in Cute Nov 08, 2018

“Please spit that out!”

Ok parents, let’s have some fun. What phrase do you find yourself saying way too often lately? I never thought I’d spend my days saying “please, don’t lick the toilet” but alas, here we are. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Have you checked out your kid’s apps?

“I’m a researcher. I want to stay objective. We started this study really just trying to look at distraction. My frustrated response is about all the surprising, potentially deceptive stuff we found.”

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