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Working mama trying to keep up with my daughters Bryn & Aubrey ❤️

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They did an excellent job cutting my 3 year olds hair and were extremely sweet with her. She had a great time and her hair looks great!

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Went here for an anniversary dinner with my husband and brought the baby. The food was delicious. The tables are SUPER close together so don’t come if you have a fussy baby or need a bunch of space. Definitely don’t bring a stroller. I just held my daughter the whole time and she was super chill so it worked out.

Sara posted in Education Aug 11

PSA: Avoid these toxic school supplies

I was pretty shocked to find some crayons in this list of school supplies that have toxic chemicals in them. “This box set, purchased at Dollar Tree, has traces of asbestos, the report found. The chemical can appear in the talc that is used in crayon manufacturing, according to the report.”

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Awesome brunching here on a Saturday with the fam. We scored one of the 4 outdoor tables. My three year old loved their hamburger and sweet potato fries. Oh and that’s me under the cover feeding the baby 😂

Pumping without a pump

Anyone here “pump” without a breast pump? Sounds intriguing. I personally would love to learn in case I forget my pump and don’t have the baby with me!

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Such an awesome little amusement park for young kids with rides, animals and lots of slides and stuff to explore. My 3 year old had a blast (and my newborn basically slept the whole time). I agree with the other review that it’s SUPER EASY to lose your kids here so be on alert. They sell food or you can bring your own and they have plenty of places to eat along with a picnic area with lots of g... More

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We just hosted my daughter's 3rd birthday party at Peekadoodle and it was incredible. They take care of all the details for you (food, entertainment, activities, cake, balloons, party favors) so all you have to do is show up. The absolute best part is that when the party is over you can just leave and don't have to clean anything up! It's a large play space so can accommodate a lot ... More

Sara posted in Holidays Jun 16

Raise awareness about kids separated from their parents this Father’s Day

If you’re fortunate enough to celebrate Father’s Day with a family meal this year, check out this idea from Set an extra seat at the table and post a photo on social media with the hashtag #FathersDayOfAction

Sara posted in Fitness Jun 14

Should I buy a Peloton bike?

I have a newborn and a 3 year old and my husband and I are both trying to figure out how we are going to ever get any exercise in. Some friends swear by the Peloton but will we actually use it long term? And can two people of different sizes use the same bike? It’s not cheap so I want to make sure we’ll actually get value out of it. What do you think?

Sara posted in Diapering Jun 08

Cure for really bad diaper rash

I have a newborn who has extremely bad diaper rash and I tried literally every cream and remedy, including prescription anti-fungal cream and prescription steroid cream. It got so bad that the diaper rash was actually bleeding and we had to take an emergency trip to the pediatrician. Finally what is working is using a blow dryer (I have one with a cool setting, or I use a warm setting from fa... More

Sara posted in Behavior Jun 02

Finally the Marshmallow Test is debunked

“Ultimately, the new study finds limited support for the idea that being able to delay gratification leads to better outcomes. Instead, it suggests that the capacity to hold out for a second marshmallow is shaped in large part by a child’s social and economic background—and, in turn, that that background, not the ability to delay gratification, is what’s behind kids’ long-term success.” https:/... More

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Came here on a Friday night with a newborn and 3 year old (we had a reservation). It was a very tight space but they were really accommodating and let me put the baby’s little bassinet in the booth (the bassinet attachment to the uppababy vista stroller). My 3yo got crayons and LOVED the children’s prime rib dinner (she demolished it then started chewing on our bones). Huge success. We will be ... More

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Achievement unlocked! We made it out to dinner with a newborn (and 3 year old). Burgers are tasty and they helped make room for the stroller next to the table.

Tips for dealing with cracked nipple and newborn?

I had my daughter 5 days ago and have been nursing nonstop ever since. My right nipple is really cracked and as a result my daughter has been swallowing and spitting up blood! I started using a nipple shield on that side but my baby isn’t swallowing much milk when I use the nipple shield. How do I let my nipple heal but still nurse from that side?

Sara posted in Cute May 21

Introducing Aubrey Willa

She’s here!! Took 2 pushes. Second time around was a lot faster than the first.

Sara posted in Parties May 19

Cute idea: “birthday” party for older sibling

I’m going to be induced in a couple days to deliver my second daughter. My aunt who has been helping watch my 3yo daughter made her a whole birthday party to celebrate her sister being born. She got presents and everything. My 3yo felt really special!

This Sunday is Bay to Breakers!

Friendly reminder for SF parents that this Sunday is Bay to Breakers. The city will be very crowded and roads will be closed along the race route ( Related: Think running Bay to Breakers at 39.5 weeks pregnant will be a good way for me to induce labor 😂?

Best ways to start to teach a preschooler to read?

My (almost) 3 year old daughter asked the other day how she can read the words in the book like mommy and daddy do. We've started working with her on basic letter recognition (she recognizes the letters in her name and other letters like M for mom, D for dad, G for grammy) but I'm not sure where to go from there? What's a good next step after she masters recognizing all the letters?... More

Acid reflux during pregnancy

I’m almost 37 weeks pregnant and my acid reflux has gotten soooooo bad. Any remedies? Help!

Sara recommended a place Apr 28


Love this place for a fancy date night without the kids. Make sure you plan for enough time if you’re booking a babysitter... it’s a multi course meal that takes at least 2 hours.

I finally caved and tried these scooters I’m seeing

Admittedly not the safest thing to do 36 weeks pregnant and I know I should be wearing a helmet but it was an efficient way to get up the hill to the playground (my husband pushed my daughter up in the stroller and met me there). I’m a scooter fan now!

If my career as a mom doesn’t work out, I definitely have a future as a short order cook 🙄

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Came for lunch with another family on a Saturday. Not the healthiest food in the world but my daughter loved the kids burger and half of a strawberry milkshake. They had crayons and coloring sheets which kept the kids pretty busy because we had to wait a little while for our food to come out. A big plus is we could order and get seated right away when a lot of other restaurants in the area had ... More

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Walked in on a Friday night for dinner. It wasn’t crowded at all and we got seated right away. The food and service were great and there were other families there too. A hidden gem! My daughter loved the Pad Thai.

What day trip or overnight trip would you do around San Francisco with a 3 year old and your spouse if you could do ANYTHING? I’m a few weeks away from baby #2 and my husband and I want to do something fun with my daughter this weekend. I can’t get on a plane this late in my pregnancy but I’m fine to drive wherever. Ideas? We were considering a trip to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk or maybe ... More

Sara posted in Pumping Apr 13

I’m building a small lactation room for my office at work. It’s been a little while since I pumped (and I never pumped in an office before) so I’m looking for tips on what are must-haves for the space. I’m going to put a mini fridge in there but unfortunately there will not be a sink inside the space. Any other must haves? Comfy chairs you love?

Sara posted in Money Apr 09

Woah this is crazy: "But the recent study reveals a twist. When women have their first child between age 25 and 35, their pay never recovers, relative to that of their husbands. Yet women who have their first baby either before 25 or after 35 — before their careers get started or once they’re established — eventually close the pay gap with their husbands." True for your family? https:... More

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I can’t believe it took me so long to come here. This playground is absolutely epic. It was pretty crowded because the weather was gorgeous but the playground is huge with areas for big and little kids. We also rode the carousel which was fun (tix are $2/adult, $1/kid and free for kids under 6). The stand that sold carousel tickets also sold hot dogs, popsicles and other treats. Not super healt... More

Pregnant parents who already have a child, talk to me about your plan for going into labor. I have family who lives out of town coming to stay with me starting about a week prior to my due date. They’ll watch my daughter while I’m at the hospital giving birth. But I want to put a plan in place in case I go into labor earlier than that. Did you go straight to the hospital then have your partner ... More

Loving the Union Street Easter Fair!

Sara recommended a place Mar 31


They just added a brand new older kids section to the playground at the corner of Laguna & Chestnut and and it’s awesome. There’s fake grass making it safe and comfy to run around, a cement slide, disc swing, picnic tables, a big climbing structure and more. It says it is for 5-12 year olds but my daughter is 2.9 and loves this section (and I see a bunch of other 2 & 3 year olds running... More

Loved this! To raise resilient kids, you should let them display emotions like tantrums and not immediately try to get them to stop crying. “More than that, allowing ourselves — and our children — to experience and express a full range of emotions is vital to our well-being”

Sara posted in Funny Mar 25

‪When your child runs up to you out of nowhere and gives you a hug and says “it’s going to be ok mommy” it means you will probably soon discover that she drew all over the couch with dry erase marker‬ 😭

My 2.9 year old consistently uses the word “to” in place of “for”. Examples: “I love you toever” and “A is to apple” When she says it incorrectly I will repeat what she said but say it the correct way “I love you forever” and “A is for apple” but it’s been going on a couple months and I’ve seen no improvement. Her language skills seem fine otherwise. What gives? Any tricks?

In 8 short weeks my almost 3 year old (pictured below for attention) is becoming a big sister! I wanted to have her get a present for her baby sister and also have her baby sister give her a present. What are good gift ideas for big sister to give to little sister and little sister to give to big sister?

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