Morristown, NJ

I breastfeed and want to lose weight

I gained around 50lb when I was pregnant and I cant lose it I still breastfeed does anyone have a healthy diet that doesn’t affect my milk? Thank you God bless

Bottle problems

I can’t find a good bottle for my baby she’s 7 months old any recommendations? Thank you 😊

My child doesn’t want to be alone

My 6 month old is very attached to me she doesn’t want to be alone anywhere I put her she wants for me to either sit next to her or lay next to her or carry her as long as she can feel me I can’t be stand in the kitchen where she can see me because she stays crying I love that I’m her favor person but I also would like to be able to get something f done durian the day sometimes not even my husb... More

Nat posted in Sleep Sep 17, 2018


My 6 moth old doesn’t like to take naps at all, when she does she does it on me, when I put her down she wakes up. Not only this but she doesn’t want to stay alone anywhere she only wants to be with me or my mom sometimes she doesn’t even want to stay with my husband. I don’t know what to do anymore 😞

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