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Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

My 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with RSV yesterday. Symptoms started on March 2nd, and didn't initially start getting bad until March 5th. For now, she is being monitored at home. However, I know that this is serious and could put her in the hospital... #WorriedMama Has anyone else been through this with thier child? If so, 1. My daughter keeps pointing at "boo-boos" all over... More

Food Strike - Vegetarian Diet

This mama is going on a food strike!! My 2 year old daughter will not eat any veggies what-so-ever!! I can't hide them forever, and it is time she learns what is good for her! My solution? A temporary Vegetarian Diet untils she learns to like what is on her plate! So, are there any other parents out there that already have their child on this diet that can give me any tips/advice on how you... More

Advice on Air Freshners

I am looking for air freshners to hang on the wall near our litter box and diaper genie, etc. And all in all, just make my house smell fresh and new. Does any one have any that works really well for them? Pictures and links are appreciated! TIA

Slides are scary!! 😱😄😅

Do you remember your first time on the slide when your parents told you, "Don't be afraid! It's alright." And they were right! Slides become loads of fun as a child!.... Well, now it's my turn to pass it on and teach my two year; and she has been doing great on her own! However, she got near a slide that was bit too big for her and had to ask her to wait for me... But as I... More

Toddler Activities

Does anyone have any activity ideas to interact with and keep a 2 year old busy?

Proper In-Home/Babysitting Care

I have been a SAHM since the day my soon-to-be 2 year daughter was born. My husband works the night shift and I want to get back into college and eventually work as well. I have reached out to our church to help me find someone. But, when they asked me, "What are you looking for in a caretaker?" I found myself kinda stumped... 1. What kind of things are important to look for in a car... More


My husband is from El Salvador and speaks fluent Spanish/English. I want our 20 month old daughter to learn Spanish as well. However, there are a few problems: 1. I am a stay at home mom, so she is around me 24/7; and I am only fluent in English. I cannot afford someone to babysit while I go take classes; nor do I have the family support. 2. My husband is almost never home due to his grave shif... More

Just curious....

How old was your child when you took them to the movie theaters for the first time? What cues did they give that they were ready?

Dove hair and body products for toddler?

My daughter (19 Months) and I are going away to NJ to visit my father for a while. We are flying there and cannot bring our body wash/shampoo with us; so, I will have to buy some in NJ. To save us some money, I was curious if it would be safe for her to share my Sensitive Dove body wash/shampoo instead of her Dove Baby wash/shampoo? TIA

My 19 Month Old's First Flight!! Advice, please?

My daughter and I are taking a 2 hour flight in about a month. This is the first time I am taking my 19 month old (age at departure) on an airplane... A few questions I have are as following: 1) How can I get her ears to pop as we depart? 2) What are some things to keep her entertained (that the airport won't charge me a ridculous price for)? 3) Sitting on lap vs. having her own seat? Has ... More

Has anyone taken their 18 month old to the dentist?

I am thinking about taking my 18 month old daughter to the dentist; but, not sure what to expect being that she is so young... Has anyone taken their LO to the dentist at or around that age? And if so, what were some of your experiences? Helpful tips? TIA

So I'm trying potty train my 16 month old daughter. I haven't quite started yet... I've gotten a lot of different advice, but one thing was common: A lot of parents used a "potty timer". Every 15-30 they would sit their child on the potty for however many days it took until they were completely potty trained. I don't have the energy for that... Is there any parents who... More

Alright gals, I need some period advice. I'm a first time mom, and due to breastfeeding, I have been blessed to be without a period for two years. Well, now that I have stopped breastfeeding.... Aunt flow has recently decided to catch up and it has Hit Me HARD! Before baby, it was quite normal for me to have severe menstrual cramps. To give you an idea, I went all natural with my daughter b... More

I need potty training advice for girls. My daughter is 16 months old and showing all ready signs (so, do NOT tell me she isn't old enough). However, I cannot get her to sit still or stay on her potty. She keeps using the potty cushion as a hat... 😕😄 What did you do for your little ones to prepare and get them excited for potty training? TIA

What activities do y'all do with your one year olds? My daughter is going on 15 months and we mostly stay indoors. She is constantly wanting to be carried and I'm trying to break that by keeping her busy or finding ways to interact with her. Outdoor activities are welcomed as well, since Spring is right around the corner; and we defiantly need to get out more! But she's still a litt... More

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