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Abbagail posted in Bathing Dec 27

In need of recommendations

My almost 8 month old doesn’t fit in his infant tub anymore. What would any of you recommend for me to get? He is still a supported sitter and I don’t know what to get. I thank you all in advance for your recommendation

Baby purée maker

I was wondering if anyone knows which purée maker is the best? I’ve looked it up and I just don’t know if I can trust the reviews on each one. If anyone has one and enjoys it will you please recommend it to me. I’m looking for it to be the steamer as well. Thank you in advance

6 month old dry patches

My 6 month old son has patches of dry skin on his face in between his eyebrows and in the eye brows. Also he has the patches of dry skin on his head around his fontanelle. What can I do to clear them up? I know I won’t be able to get rid of them but I would like to try and clear them up for his pictures. when I wash his hair with his baby shampoo it’s still there. I clean his face with wet wip... More

Helpful tips on getting my almost 6 month old to start eating his oatmeal

When I give my son his oatmeal he just spits it out. The thing is that he doesn’t clamp down and won’t take the food. He opens his mouth but makes a mean face and then starts screaming. So I need to try something else. The doctor told my husband and I to start him on the oatmeal before the purée. Can anyone please give me tips, it would be greatly appreciated.

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