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Liza M.

Manchester, NH

New parents to a little girl!

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Liza M. posted in Sleep Nov 09

Trouble with PM naps...

I am a SAHM with a 2yo (who has always been champion napper/sleeper) and an almost 3 month old. I am struggling with (amongst other things) getting the 3mo on some sort of schedule. I COMPLETELY realize she is still very young and is adjusting to being alive but I feel like I cannot give her sleep schedule the focus it needs with a toddler running around. Currently, she is exclusively BF but I... More

Advice about sleeping in the car...

Does anyone have any good tricks for helping a toddler to sleep in the car? My LO uses a forward facing carseat and is small for her age. She has no problem falling asleep in the car, but can only sleep for about 20 min before she wakes up crying due to neck pain. I have tried a small neck pillow, a rolled up blanket and a refular pillow. We are not often in the car for hours on end but we have... More

Liza M. posted in Newborns Mar 28

Two under two coming soon-what are some of your best pieces of advice?

This summer we will have a newborn and an almost 2 year old. I am wondering what people found to be effective for them as far as making life eaiser. For example, did you potty train your older child? What-if any-different products did you use/buy? What are things that didn't work for you? As always, everyone is different-I'm just interested in what worked for you! TIA!

Frustration before crawling

My LO is on the absolute verge of crawling and already pulling herself to standing and wanting to cruise around. So much so that she is expressing a lot of frustration throughout the day. I know all I can do is help her practice and be encouraging...but in the meantime her very adult grunts of frustration are really taking over the day! Any one else have experience with this? FTM here-not tryin... More

Any moms here experience diastasis recti?

I have an appointment scheduled to diagnosis it (trying not to jump the gun here 💁) but I am just curious if others have dealt with this and what her experience was. Also-why is this not mentioned AT ALL during any partum care? Add it to the list, amiright? Thanks!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Take a minute today to step back and look at your family. You are a champion. 🌹💐🌹

My 3mo is a great sleeper but every night she pees so much it soaks through her diaper, pjs and sheet. We are currently using pampers diapers, which I like-but I am wondering if there are more absorbent sutions. TIA!

Does anyone have any experience with their LO having tummy troubles? Docs originally thought it was a milk/soy allergy and suggested I adjust my diet to exclude those items as well as supplement with hypoallergenic formula. But after almost 10 days there is no improvement. She seems very unhappy while breastfeeding and spits up/vomits more than is normal after most feedings. Just looking for a ... More

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