Hellertown, PA

Daycare anxiety

Good hello everyone! My LO is currently 10 weeks old and will be starting daycare in 2 weeks. While I think my husband and I picked one of the best daycares in the area, I am having a lot of anxiety about him going. He just feels so little and knowing he won’t get 1:1 attention is hard for me to deal with. Any reassuring thoughts or suggestions for getting through this separation and making ... More

Sleep training

Good hello everyone! Any sleep training methods/books you all would recommend? My LO is 7 weeks old. From birth, we have been working on sleep training and getting him to understand the difference between day and night and sleeping in his bassinet. We were making progress but at 6 weeks, he went through a sleep regression and no longer wants to sleep in his bassinet. If we give in and have him... More

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