Columbus, GA

Hi I’m Ava and I’m all ways looking for cool stuff to do with my kiddos

My 9 year old is constantly asking and asking to go with his older (13 year old) brother EVERY WHERE!!! And I try to tell him that he is going out of your neighborhood Boundaries or it’s too late for you to go with him. Her just doesn’t get that his brother just doesn’t wanna play with him right now and I try to get him too ask his other friends to play and he all ways says that he just wants ... More

I have a 4 and a 5 year old they play together all of the time they sit next to each other in the car and play Barbies together * etc.*and they sometimes are BFFs but other times there mortal enemies how do I stop the fighting ?

My 8 year old daughter has Down syndrome and she still dose not say complete sentences without me telling her what to say. What do I do? And she already goes to speech. I’m stuck on what to do!

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