Dallas, TX

I'm a working mom to a toddler boy, looking for good parenting tips and tricks!

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Great playground with lots of activities, climbing and running space. Awesome for toddlers but also for older kids too. There are always lots of kids here on the weekends for my LO to play with. The way the play structures are built make it easy for mom and dad to play with LO too. We easily can spend 1.5 hours here to wear him out for a great nap!

Potty training

Hi all, we began potty training this week and so far so good, only a couple pee accidents and tantrums but hes getting the hang of it - we had no accidents or tantrums the last 2 days. We are using training underwear during the day, but still diapering during naps and overnight. He has not pooped in the potty; he normally only poops when he's sleeping. I am ok with a gradual transiton, c... More

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