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What type of water do you use for formula?

Mamas- is there a significant difference between purified baby water and filtered water from the tap? Just curious as my son is getting older (15 months) and is drinking more fluids as well as regular milk.

Leslie posted in Bathing May 14

Bath drain stoppers for bath time

Any suggestions for bath tub drain stoppers that stay in place? My 12 month old son has figured out how to twist ours off during bath time and it’s a constant battle to get him to not drain the water every second.

Leslie posted in Behavior May 05

Self harm?

Mamas- I have a 1 y/o boy who has been knocking himself on the head randomly and more frequently then before. We noticed he’d do it when he was done eating or when he was tired or bored, but now it just seems like he’s doing it all the time. He’ll ball up his fist and hit his head (it seems hard too) he’ll whimper for a second, look around and then continue randomly looking at us or just to do ... More

Leslie posted in Siblings Apr 14

Silly question..

Do you find it easier with one child or two? I’ve gotten mixed reviews from people and am contemplating trying for baby #2. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with how much of my undivided attention my son needs of me everyday. I almost feel like if he had a playmate he’d be more entertained and engaged. Thoughts from experience mommas?

Weaning off of breastfeeding

Any suggestions or tricks to weaning baby off of breastfeeding? My little one is almost 12 months and already has 6 teeth, the biting has gotten worse as he’s still teething and I think it’s time. He’s only really ever nursed since birth but takes the bottle easily if that’s all he has although he yanks at my shirt now. I’m just worried about how to avoid pumping so I don’t any type of pain if ... More

Leslie posted in Sleep Mar 27

Exhausted momma

Help! We’ve tried everything to get my 11 month old boy to sleep through the night, not to mention he’s teething right now 😓 any helpful tips on how to get through this season without losing my mind? We have tried chew toys, vanilla extract, baby Tylenol, white noise, fan, no lights, at this point I am just trying to let him cry it out but feel so helpless 😪

Fave activity with your little one

My baby boy is 6 months old going on 7 months soon. What are some activities you fab moms enjoy doing with your little one?

Baby walker recommendations

Our baby boy is starting to like being in baby walkers and we just moved into a home with beautiful wood floors. Any recommendations for good baby walkers that don’t scratch up the floors?

Forced coughing

I’ve recently noticed our 6 month old baby boy coughs a lot but only when he gets anxious or wants attention, it sounds like a forced cough and not one where he’s trying to clear his throat. No fever and no sickness. Has anyone else experienced this?

Baby and me have had runny noses and now...

And now my throat aches. I am still breastfeeding baby and know with these types of colds it’s best to just wait it out but does anyone have any home remedies to suggest?

What’s the longest you’ve gone without breastfeeding or pumping at a time?

Any suggestions for good sleep training resources? ..I’m losing my mind 😓 baby boy is almost 4 months and still wakes up every 2.5 hours to breastfeed at night, I’m lucky if I get 3 hours and cries when I put him down, he also doesn’t like to be swaddled...☹️

What are your fave lullabies to sing your babies to sleep? I realized I don’t know the lyrics to any songs so I end up making up the words 🤦🏽‍♀️😅

My baby boy just turned 3 months and it’s been a very hot summer here. I’ve noticed he gets clammy sometimes and sweats in his under arms- I didn’t realize babies can perspire this young. Any suggestions on how to deal with it?

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