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I’m a mother of 7 kids aged 16-3 months.

Amanda posted in Babies Sunday

Sleeping on tummy

My 6month old rolled over in bed the other night and she is wanting to sleep on her tummy now but she isn’t figuring out what to do with her face so it wakes her up. She can fall asleep with in sec in her stomach but then she is awake because she can’t figure out her face placement. So the last few night have been awful because she isn’t able to turn back over and can’t figure her face out so s... More

Amanda posted in Babies Dec 06


Has anyone every taken their baby to the chiropractor? Why did you and how did it affect your baby? I had heard from someone that their baby would cry in the car seat and was told by someone to take them to a chiropractor and they did and no more crying. So I took my baby yesterday to c if it would help since we have a 2.5hr car ride Friday and she usually cry’s the whole time in hopes that... More

Work through it or get Divorced

How to determine if you should work through it or get divorced. I take my vows seriously so I don’t just want to up and leave when it get rough. My husband and I have been together for almost 13 yrs and married for almost 10yrs. We have 7 children, it is a his,mine, and ours. Which the kids don’t know that and we don’t use the word step. My husband has adopted mine I plan on to adopt his when ... More

Baby food/ bottles

What is a good schedule on giving baby food but still keeping bottles. My baby is 6 months and I try to give her baby food but when I do she doesn’t want much of a bottle. Trying to figure out a schedule.

Amanda posted in Sleep Nov 26


I have 7 children. 6 of them are in school and the 7th one is 6months old. My school kids get up by 6:30 and I wake baby up around 6:50 to change her diaper if needed and then take kids to school by 7. We get home about 7:10 or so depending on traffic and then I feed the baby and she goes to sleep @7:30ish and sleeps for 2-3 hrs. I am just so tired I want to go back to sleep as well but I feel ... More

Amanda posted in Babies Nov 21

Naps in bed?

My almost 6 month old will only take a nap in the morning after her first bottle in her crib but after that if she needs to nap she will only nap when I’m holding her and sometime take a quick nap in her swing. I’m fine with this but would also love for her to nap in her bed during the day as well. Any ideas or just cuddle with her and deal with it when she is older? She is my 7th child and l... More

Nipple size

Should I go by the suggested size. I I recently moved my almost 6 month old daughter to size 2 because I got a bigger bottle and she was doing fine but now she is starting to eat like she was doing with size 1 nipple. She is almost 6 months so should I try the size 3 or size 4?

Nipple sizes

My almost 6month old is still on the slow flow size 1 nipples on her bottles. I’ve tried to move her up in size but she just has it come to fast and can’t swallow it so it comes out her mouth. But she also takes forever to eat. How long should she take a bottle she eats about 6-7 oz. Is it ok to leave her on the size 1 nipple or do I need to slowly go up in size?

Amanda posted in Behavior Nov 02

Screaming baby in a car ride

What to do with a screaming 5month old baby during a 3-4 hrs car ride? Already tried to plan the drive after eating, during nap time, having sibling talk and play with her, and even tried Movie on my phone. I’ve also tried moving her car seat to different places in the car and the tilt on the car seat. Not sure what else to do. I can’t drive with her screaming and choking all the time. What r o... More

Warming milk up on the go

Are there any good ways to warm milk up on the go? I will be taking frozen breast milk on a trip and will need to feed baby on the way. I can stop at gas station to use the sink but most sinks are not hot water and are motion activated which takes longer.

Sound machines

What is a good cheap sound machine for babies room? Are there any that make a fan noise or something like that?

Baby food

What are some good baby food brands or way to make baby food easy?

Frozen breast milk

I have a 3.5 hr drive coming up and need to figure out how to store frozen breast milk for my baby.

Amanda posted in Clothes Oct 12

Dressing baby for a stroller walk

My daughter is 4 months and I’m finally feeling good enough and I’m wanting to start walking. She doesn’t like getting hot. Today was the first day I started walking with her which she did very good but I had to leave the cover part up so she could c. I’m afraid she will get to cold in the face and hands. Are there any tricks or new clothing to help protect her without making her to hot. Also s... More

Dry up my milk

I trying to dry up my milk and I fill like it just going to pump the rest of my life. I haven’t pumped for 3 days and I want to die it hurt so bad. I slowly stop pumping hr by hr min by min and got to the point I thought I could just stop since I was at about every 24hrs to relieve the pain but my baby wasn’t happy yesterday and my boobs grow like 3x bigger. 😬😱😢

Tummy time

Need ideas on how to get my 4months old to like tummy time more.

Helping baby sit up

What r some ways to help baby strengthen muscle to sit up. My baby is 4 month and a fat belly she tries to sit up some but since her belly gets in the way she could care less. I’m looking for things I can do to help her.

Leaning head to one side

Has anyone had a child that always looked like they were leaning their head to one side? My daughter seems to be tilted towards the left but she will turn her head both ways. She is 4months. Doctor doesn't seem to concerned but I am and planning on getting a second opinion but was going c if anyone has dealt with that.

Head, neck exercise

When my daughter was 2months she would always tilt her head to the right so dr wanted us to work on having her turn to the left so we did and now (4months) her head leans to the left. What are ways to help her keep her head straight. Never dealt with this with any of my other kids.

Amanda posted in Pumping Sep 30

Trying to stop pumping

I’m trying to slowly stop pumping because I really can’t handle the pain when dealing with 7 kids. I have went from pumping every 4hrs for 10min to pumping every 6 hr for 5min. How quick should I change to 7 or 8 hrs. I can barely handle the 6hrs. Only switched to 6 hrs for like 2-3 days. Should I maybe wait until a wk and then go to 7hrs? Or try and go to 4mins or something. Any ideas?

Drying up my milk

Are there ways to help with the pain of drying up my milk. I want to stop breastfeeding mainly because I have almost 3 freezers full of milk and have no more room but I just can’t deal with the pain.

How much milk is enough to last a yr.

I’m trying to guess how much milk I need to stash to last my baby a yr. I’m wanting to stop pumping just because I have 6 other kids and I’m always on the go and baby only take bottles she was born early and never really got the hang of breast and don’t really want to so I just pump. She is 4months old on sept 27th and she takes probably about 25-30 oz a day. I already have probably over 3,500 ... More

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