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Christmas shopping recommendations

I’m trying to find good brain workout games for Preschool and Kindergarten age kids! Help?!?


My one month old sounds pretty stuffy when he’s breathing. He looks a tad uncomfortable but I don’t know what I can do to help him get some relief. Help

How long is it okay or did your little one keep their blankie (security blanket/animal)?

My son still loves his blankie, I don’t see anything wrong with him keeping a hold on it. But my husband thinks it’s time for him to let it go.

Anyone have this at about 37 weeks?!

I’ve been have bad migraines, nausea and crazy swelling in my feet and ankles! I went to the hospital yesterday where the tested twice for preeclampsia and nothing but it’s just gotten worse today. Anyone else had this struggle this late into pregnancy?

Essential oils for labor!!!

I’m wanting to have a diffuser going to help keep me relaxed during labor at the hospital. What are some of your favorites from your labor experience?

The best maternity/labor nightgown?!?

I’m about 34weeks and looking for a good nightgown to finish out the pregnancy but something that I could also wear at the hospital! Best recommendations?

Car Seats!

Haven’t got a new car seat for baby on the way! But can’t decide what kind to get: normal infant (pumpkin) seat or convertible car seat! Which did you choose and what did you like about it?

What did you pack in your go time bag?

It’s been some time with my first pregnancy and I can’t remember what I did and didn’t need to pack!

When did you pack your go time bag?

I’m about 30 weeks with my second and just can’t remember packing ahead with my first!

When should I worry about my Braxton-Hicks contractions?

I’ve started having them and I’m 29 weeks, but they seem to be getting worse on the random occasions when I have them!

Help a momma out!

I’m 23 weeks pregnant with my second boy! Anyhow I’ve been sleeping mostly on my left side but wake up with bad hip pain on that side! Also having pain right above my butt/lower back on my right side that about knocks me down. Anyone know any pain relief or something to help with this?!?

Any momma’s get a really bad headache after your glucose test?

Has anyone had your baby at the 88th percentile on growth? So I now have to have my glucose screening early, and It makes me worry like I’ve just been eating terrible but I haven’t.

Any moms with asthma have a lot of breathing problems when pregnant? I’m 20 weeks and I feel like I wake up every night needing some air.

I’m about 18weeks pregnant with my second kiddo, I woke up like my usual super early to get up to go to the bathroom. I got back to bed and had some pain right under my belly and on the front of my belly too. Is this normal or should I call my doctor? I don’t remember any of these pains with my first but it has been awhile!

Has anyone tried paint or art a stress/ angry release for a 3 yr old? He has really bad days were he hits, bites and pushes at daycare, and was think if I get him more into art like mommy is it might help him.

So my 3yo just had his tonsils and adenoids taken out on Thursday, but he’s still being difficult about eating anything. Anyone know how I can get him to eat a little more?

Any parents had your kiddos tonsils and adenoids take out? I'm about to have my sons taken out in a couple weeks and I'm so anxious about it.

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