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Julie posted in Clothes Sep 24

Baby shoes (this can’t be real life, right!?)

Where do you all buy your baby’s shoes?! I’m trying to buy her first pair of non “crib shoes” and whatttt is up with these price tags!? I just don’t see how spending $25 on a pair of shoes for a baby makes any sense!!!

Constipation and juice

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this on here before but my daughter has had crazy bad constipation issues since she was about 6 months old and was really starting to get into solids. When she was that little it got so bad that my pediatrician had me start giving her a prune or peach/mango purée pouch every day. And to be honest, I thought it was overkill and ignored their recommendation and... More

Hair ties for babies!?

My daughters hair is starting to get long enough to pull into little pony tails but it’s still so wispy and fine I’m afraid of hurting her with my regular hair ties. Does anyone have any tips or brands they like to use on their toddlers hair??

Post partum period. Ok ladies, share your experiences. I never had bad periods before I had my baby. I nursed/EPd for 11.5 months and got my period a few times at the end and it was a breeze. Now that I’m no longer lactating I’ve had two periods and they are absolute monsters. Massive bleeding, cramps, nausea, sweating, and diarrhea. The worst of it lasts about 3 days. Is this in the range ... More

Julie posted in Babies Aug 24

This is probably going to sound dumb, but when do you know it’s time to start conditioning your baby’s hair?? And what conditioner do you use? Her hair is getting longer and it’s frizzy like her mama 😐.

Nausea after weaning? I recently weaned and dried up. I slowed the pumping down and dropped the time and still ended up with a clogged duct and engorgement but it’s all better now. I never had a fever and I never had mastitis. However I’ve been “dry” for several days now and constantly feel nauseous and slightly dizzy. Is this related to weaning or is something else going on??

Gift for lactation room coordinator? Hi everyone, I’m finally drying up 😁. Baby is almost 11 months old and has no interest in nursing. I’m pumping for the remainder of her year but I have to tell you...it’s a labor of love. My work has an amazing support network of pumping rooms located in every building and really wonderful staff supporting the rooms. I’d like to get some kind of gift to say... More

How do you get household chores done when you’re alone with your 10 month old?

Solids Just wondering if this is a thing...I’m really hoping so. Starting around 8-9 months my baby no longer will willingly let me feed her first few bites of puréed food. I have to sneak in bites until she remembers she likes it then she’s okay. She willingly eats finger foods that she can feed herself. Is this normal??

Julie posted in Sleep Jun 07

Is this a sleep regression?? My almost 10 month old used to sleep from 8-7:30 with maybe one or two fussy wake ups that we could get her through and she’d be fine. Suddenly she’s up and down for several hours through the night. She cries and fusses and if we bring her in the bed she’s up kicking and thrashing. I finally give in and give her something to eat (she no longer breastfeeds so it’s p... More

Julie posted in Babies May 16

Relief!!!! After much fretting and overthinking, I fed my girl peanut butter today and she took it like a champ! No problems thus far! That’s all, I just had to share 🤗

Milk/soy intolerance challenge? Hi all, my babe was diagnosed with a cow dairy/soy intolerance at 2 months. I had to go on an exclusion diet and supplement with Similac Alimentum. Now that she’s 9 months I am ready to check in and see if she still is intolerant. Has anyone else dealt with this?? I fed her a little bit of whole milk Greek yogurt this morning. Her poops are a little looser t... More

Julie posted in Babies May 09

Looking for first yogurt recommendations. My baby was diagnosed at 2 months with a dairy/soy sensitivity. Now she’s almost 9 months and my pediatrician wants us to check and see if it’s still an issue. She told me to feed her plain yogurt for a couple days. I’m just wondering what kinds of yogurt you’ve tried...we normally eat Fage, but it’s so thick and knowing my baby she will not like it tha... More

Julie posted in Bathing May 07

What are your favorite tub toys? Preferably ones without tiny holes that capture water and grow black mold🙄.

Just when you think you’re having a great day, your mother in law invites herself over for Mother’s Day. Weekend. The whole. Entire. Weekend.

I feel like my baby gets hard stools all the time. We do probiotics, she never eats rice cereals, we keep a food log, etc. it seems like ever since she started solids she has this problem where she’s bound up at least once a week. Is this “normal?”

Julie posted in Cute Apr 19

I can buy her all the toys and books in the world but all she wants to play with is my muscle roller😆🙄😅😂

So I’ve been back to work since my baby was 12 weeks (😭😭😭). I’ve been struggling to find a healthy (easy) breakfast solution that doesn’t break the bank and is also delicious. My SIL told me about overnight oats and I tried them last night and they’re delicious!! I don’t know how I never heard of these below but give them a try!! There are a million recipes but here’s what I did: 1/2 C steel... More

Does anyone know where I could find one of these fly swatter toys, what it’s called, or what terms I’d use to search for one on amazon? I’ve tried everything!! My baby loves playing with these at daycare and they seem like a good distraction for when I need a few minutes of quiet from her...daycare doesn’t know what they’re called either 🙄.

Looking for convertible car seat recommendations...I have what should be a spacious backseat but is actually pretty cramped (Buick encore). So if you have a recommendation for one that fits well in compact spaces that would be even better!! Safety is, of course, key.

Julie posted in Safety Mar 25

I need suggestions for baby proofing, particularly gates for around televisions and stereo systems. Also cabinet door locks. What has worked for you? If you can provide specifics (brand names, etc) that would be great!! Thank you!

We are a major “outdoors family,” but every time I bring baby outside (which is daily) she squints (even when I have a hat on her or shield her eyes). I want to buy her sunglasses but I don’t see her leaving them on. Does anyone have any suggestions? Spring is coming (supposedly) and I’m already itching to get outside with my babe. I want her to enjoy the experience!

My mom sent this to me last night. so true!!!

Does anyone have any recommendations for a shopping cart seat cover?? I’d like it to be easy to put on (one handed while holding baby), and also one size fits all (if possible).

Julie posted in Child Care Mar 06

What are your views on the Kindercare daycare chain?

Need sippy cup advice. I want to start offering one to my baby but don’t know where to start!! Which ones worked best for you?? What did you put in them?? My babe is only 6 months old but in order to transition to the big baby room at her daycare she needs to meet several milestones, one of them being drinking from a sippy. Thank you for any advice!!!

Julie posted in Babies Feb 19

My baby turned 6 months last week. She has been eating solids 1x/day since 5 months and loved them. At her 6 month apt last week her dr told me to bump up to 2x/ day but suddenly she’s refusing solids. She did just have an ear infection and just finished a round of antibiotics. Could that be it? Has anyone else had this problem?

Julie posted in Babies Feb 12

Tips on getting a 6 month old to take her medicine?? My baby has an ear infection and is flat refusing the amoxicillin prescribed to her. It’s flavored. Also... please no recommendations on home remedies like squirting breastmilk in her ear. I’m not judging, just saying that’s not the route I’m taking here. Thank you!!

I feel like such a bad mom!! I had to return to work on the 6th and sent my baby to our on site daycare facility even though she was only 12 weeks. Now she’s already got her first cold and it’s bad. Raspy cough, runny nose, and still somehow the sweetest disposition despite feeling obviously terrible. What did all of you do to help your babies through their first (and follow up) colds? I’ve b... More

Looking for advice on how to transition out of the swaddle. Our baby slept great swaddled but is starting to roll so we have to stop. I’ve had her in a basic sleep sack but she tosses and turns so much she wakes herself up all night long. She’s just three months so I don’t think she’s quite ready for sleep training just yet.

Hi everyone, I have another question for bottle feeders. My 7 week old has been pretty consistent with taking in 2-3.5oz of BM or FM per feeding. Sometimes she will fuss she wants more an hour later and I'll give her an extra ounce. Lately though she's rapidly changed to wanting 3-4.5oz per feeding, then again fussing an hour later for another oz...then she will go about 3 hours after t... More

Hi all, I'm a first time mom of a 6 week old and due to slow (and sometimes no) weight gain had to convert to pumping and formula supplementing about a week ago. I am working closely with my ped office to do the best for my daughter and was given the instruction that she should be eating about 2.5 ounces per pound of body weight (for now) as a guideline. Since last week when I started cal... More

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