Oskaloosa, IA

First time stay-at-home-mom to a sweet baby boy.. My husband is a dentist in our local community.

Stimulating toys for busy boy

My son is almost 8 months old, and he’s very bright and very busy! He gets bored with toys very quickly. I’m looking to get him some new toys for Christmas that will be more engaging for him. Any suggestions?

Best Sleep Training Strategy

What is the best sleep training strategy? I need to get my son sleeping through the night (he’s 7.5 months), but I don’t really know where to begin.

Baby Led Weaning

I’m curious about baby led weaning. I understand that basic concept. Does it work for babies that don’t have a lot of teeth? How is it better than traditional feeding?

Congenital Hip Dysplasia

Our pediatrician is concerned our 6 month old might have congenital hip dysplasia. We’re going to have another check up in a month and then might have an ultrasound or X-ray depending on what she finds. Has anyone had any experience with this condition? What is the treatment like? I know it might involve surgery...

Starting solids calendar or schedule

I’m starting my son on solids but I feel a little unsure of how to start. Has anyone found a calendar or schedule that helps you get started?

Nested Bean weighted blankets. Worth the $$?

Has anyone tried the Nested Bean weighted sleep sacks and noticed an improvement in their child’s sleep? I’m intrigued by the concept, but don’t want to spend the money if they don’t really work.

Cloth Diapers - More absorbent than disposable??

My son is a heavy wetter. Especially at night. I have to change his pjs almost every night because he saturates his diaper to the point of leaks. Let me note that we use Huggies overnights as well as change him everytime he wakes up in the night. It’s my belief that some of his night wakes are due to him peeing through. I’ve heard that cloth diapers are more absorbent than disposable... Has an... More

Nighttime diaper leakage... HELP!!!

My son (4.5 months) pees through his diaper almost every night...sometimes more than once a night. We’re constantly having to get up extra times in the night to just change his pajamas. We change him every-time he wakes to eat (still every 3 hours at this point 😑) and point his “business” downward. We’ve also tried pampers overnight diapers and they didn’t seem to make a big difference for him.... More

Homemade vs. Pre-made Baby Food???

Will be starting my son on solids soon. I was considering making his baby food, but have heard the taste doesn’t always turn out well, and it causes kiddos to be picky in the future. Anyone have experience with homemade foods? Or prefer store bought?

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