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Bullying at school at 2.5 years?

Had anyone else dealt with this at such a young age? My daughter is not yet 2.5 and I think she is being bullied by a 3 year old who used to be in the same class with her. They were friends before and I think my daughter has a hard time understanding the age difference and that since this girl moved up she has new friends, but this girl says some mean things to my daughter and I’m pretty sure s... More

How to clean dirt from under toddler’s fingernails

It seems no matter how many times we wash her hands we just can’t get all that dirt out! And yes, we bathe her regularly :) but every day after school or the park, or even just eating it looks like she hasn’t been bathed in days. How do you guys do it??

Birthday party locations in December San Ramon

Will it be too cold to do a party outside in a park? What good indoor places would you recommend for a 1 year old birthday? I have a toddler too and there will be kids ranging from infants to 4 years old. Thank you for any advice!

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