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Skiddies! When you’re fed up with poopy undies!

Product recommendation! Skiddies! Background: my son is 4 and on the spectrum. When school started last month we backslid on potty training. He’s been peeing in the potty since the spring but pooping was a horse of a different color. Instead of pooping in the potty he would hold it and hold it and only let a small poop nugget out in his underpants and then come to us and say “wipe my butt!”... More

Has anybody done a red-eye flight with a 4 year old?

Planning a trip to Chicago this fall and there are GREAT prices for some flights...but they’re all red eyes leaving at midnight and arriving super early. I know I could get my kid to sleep on the plane but I worry about crankiness the next day. Thoughts? Have you done this and survived?

Margaret recommended a place Feb 16, 2018


Delicious BBQ in a fun environment. The Bar is separate from the restaurant and I think that helps to keep the sound down. Portions are generous and tasty. Kids meal is simple but good. Large HD TVs around the walls broadcasting sports. And apparently on Wednesday’s they have bingo!

Potty training and diarrhea...what do you do? My 3yo can take himself to the potty when he has to pee but we’re still struggling with poop. Right now he’s having some diarrhea problems...not liquid and no mucus but very loose and I don’t think he understand the feeling. He soiled four undies yesterday and one within 15 minutes of waking up. Right now I have him in pull ups because I’m all p... More

On nights that my husband teaches I am responsible for putting our son to bed. It’s not hard per se; the difficulty level is currently set at “3 year old” so make of that as you will. He sits in the potty (with an occasional success), changes into PJs, brushes teeth (some nights better than others), and we read about three books. With his new big boy bed we are able to lay down with him as ... More

Margaret recommended a place Nov 20, 2017


Large grassy park featuring a small drainage pond, paved pedestrian/cycling pathways, and a playground featuring two climbing structures. Bench seating and bicycle parking available but limited shade.

Margaret recommended a place Oct 16, 2017


Great pumpkin patch ESPECIALLY if you have little kids! While many families might opt for the larger patch and corn maze down the road, Silveyville is a delightful, family friendly patch. NO entrance fee but tickets for attractions are $1 each. Attractions are around 5 tickets per kid BUT accompanying parents are free. The tractor ride is only 2 ticket for adults, 1 for toddlers and I think b... More

Do cloth training pants exist that are more absorbent than regular underwear (so no DRAMATIC incidents) but less absorbent than disposable pull ups (so that my kid can actually feel the wetness)? Do they exist or am I imagining a product that doesn't exist?

Margaret reviewed a place Sep 14, 2017


Meh. The good news is that there is a fun and varied children's menu. It's nice to see more than just four options. My son had the grilled cheese and my friend's daughter had the pb&j crepe. Decent price for kids menu and good sizes. The bad news is that the food is inconsistent at best. I had a cup of French onion soup that was delicious but my five grilled cheese sandwich ... More

Margaret recommended a place Sep 12, 2017


Found this park when we tried to go to Dennis The Menace Playground on a Tuesday (btw it's closed on Tuesdays). While nowhere near as awesome its still a great place for kids to get their wiggles out! There are two different play structures for various ages, swings, and seesaws. The bathrooms are clean and there are benches and picnic tables. Shade moves but you should be able to find a c... More


Margaret recommended a place Sep 10, 2017


Delicious food located in downtown. There are long tables in the back that can easily accommodate a large family or groups. While a simple umbrella stroller would be able to make it through a large jogger style would probably be difficult. The kids menu is simple but I like simple (I have a picky eater). My son had the chicken strip basket and my friend's daughter had the Mac & cheese... More

Margaret recommended a place Sep 04, 2017


I love to go to rich people's parks. It's amazing to see what large amounts of tax dollars can provide. Case in point: this park. It's super new, super nice, and super huge. We really only came for the splash pad but the whole facility is amazing. There are at least four separate play/climbing structures of varying difficulty. Tons of soccer pitches. Clean(!) bathrooms. The only... More

First day of preschool! Who else is sending their kids off today?

Margaret recommended a place Aug 19, 2017


When you have a child with sensory issues getting a haircut can be really, really difficult. It can be scary and overwhelming for the child. We REALLY like the stylists at Cool Top who remain calm and collected in the face of my child Tarzan screaming through his entire session. They work fast, do good work, and are really really nice. The salon itself is a wonderful place for kids of all nee... More

Margaret recommended a place Aug 18, 2017


We liked this park! LOTS of picnic benches and a ton of shade. There is one play structure but definitely able to entertain kids of all ages. There's no fence but it's pretty quiet and secluded and tucked away from the main road. CLEAN BATHROOMS!!

Hey parents! Registration for the fall semester of Music Together is more than likely open in your area! Now is a great time to see where the nearest class is and sign up. I cannot recommend this program nearly enough. We started when my son was 6 months old and this will be our final semester, having completed the nine separate books. It is a great way to introduce your child to music, spe... More

Does anybody else's kid just completely destroy books? We've lost quite a few books to my son's busy hands; board books and soft pages alike. We can't figure out the motivation (boredom? Anxiousness? Part of his autism?) and short of completely removing all books from his room I'm not sure what to do. He never does this in front of us, it's usually if he wakes up in... More

Product recommendation for parents of kids on the spectrum or have SPD! The bean-bag furniture from yogibo!! This company came highly recommended by my son's occupational therapist. She said that even though they are expensive it is the ONE thing she recommends families purchase for children with sensory processing disorders. We got the yogibo max for my son's birthday and here the ... More

Margaret recommended a place Aug 01, 2017


Two thumbs up from this mom! My son and I met up with a mom friend and her brood on a Tuesday morning and we had the place entirely to ourselves! $10 per kid for 2 hours of play. They have two big bounce slides with two slides each and a large bounce room with a slide. Kids 3 and under have the option of a bouncy maze and a tumble pad as well. There are also a few arcade games and what I li... More

Margaret recommended a place Jul 30, 2017


This might just become our fancy go-to brunch! My husband and I have been here for dinner before but today we went for brunch. I ended up texting a mom friend about how we need to make plans to bring our kids here in the future because this just might be a hidden gem... 1) VERY laid back - it's in a part of town that doesn't get a lot of Sunday brunchers so this nice big restaurant ... More

Margaret recommended a place Jul 12, 2017


We LOVED our time at Little Shining Stars! Jennifer loves every one of the kids and really works hard to make sure their day is fun and educational. The first time we took my son for a tour he just fell in love with her HUGE yard and play area. Every day Jennifer had a little slip of paper saying what my son did, what he ate, and how his mood was. Every month she makes a small newsletter to... More

Margaret recommended a place Jul 11, 2017


The brand new splash park here is GREAT! Plus, unlike many of the pools in the area, the splash park is open at hours we can actually attend! Admission for just the splash park is $2 per person and it is money well spent! There is bench seating along the perimeter and places on the concrete if you'd rather lay out. I also saw two picnic tables. Shade is hit or miss depending on what ti... More

Margaret recommended a place Jun 25, 2017


First off: this is located at Sun Valley Mall on the first floor of JC Penny in the north east corner near menswear. Finding this information on their website was impossible for some reason. Secondly, we've had two sessions here and enjoyed both of them. The photographers worked fast with my kid who did NOT want to sit still or stay in one place for very long. Despite his constant movemen... More

Margaret recommended a place Jun 18, 2017


Our Family LOVES Music Together! We have been attending for almost 3 years and every semester has been fantastic. My son loves Teacher Nick and is so excited to go to class. We started when my son was 6 months old. At that time, Music Together provided me with a much needed weekly task that got me involved with other parents. We would use songs learned to help tame tantrums or redirect his at... More

Benefits of switching to a toddler bed from a crib? My kid decided to put his self down for an early nap!

Spider-Man's first bike ride!

People who are pregnant or have been pregnant in the past two years - passing on this research survey from a friend of a friend. Original post: "Hi Facebook friends. A friend of mine is doing some research on pregnancy and the information that women can (or can't) get at that time. If you are pregnant or have been pregnant in the past two years, it would really help if you take this ... More

He wouldn't put on his shirt because that meant letting go of his shoes.

Trying to conceive? I really recommend The Sperm Meets Egg plan (and I am not affiliated with it at all, I just really like it). It's a FREE ebook you can download (there's a website with the abbreviated plan but lacks details). Highlights: Was created by a woman who wanted to conceive after miscarriage. She's compassionate and no-nonsense. The plan is easy to follow and explai... More

A good day for oobleck! Note: if your child has sensory processing issues make sure to have an extra bowl of water to allow them to wash off anything that they don't agree with. I found that my son was much more willing to play with the oobleck if I gave him that control.

This was sent to me by the microchip company I use for my cat. The commercialization of Mother's Day is really getting out of hand...

Heyo! Any other parents of ASD kiddos out there? Last October I had my son tested for a speech delay and since then it's been a whirlwind of assessments, therapy, and diagnoses. He was officially given the ASD diagnosis in February. Through our local Regional Center he's been in an intensive preschool program since the end of January, OT since November, and we're working on gettin... More

This article is so important to read. All too often I fear we place undue stress on mothers and ourselves to have perfect babies. Of course we want our babies to be healthy but there are many things that are way beyond our ability to control. By stressing so much about the unknown I think we become unable to handle things when faced with realities.

Margaret recommended a place Mar 19, 2017


We just went here for the tubing but my husband and son had a WONDERFUL time! No frills, bells or whistles but $25 per person gets you 2 hours of tubing. There's a moving carpet so you don't have to trudge up the hill (GREAT if you have little kids!) and it's about a 20 second slide to the bottom. The tubing hill opens at 10. We got there at about 10:30a on a Sunday and there wa... More

YOU GUUUUUUUUUYS....Target is selling some amazingly cute sweatshirts at the moment. If you want a little dinosaur in your family now is the time to shop!!!

Have you guys heard of "cloud dough"? It's a really fun sensory experience we learned from Fred's preschool! 8 parts flour to 1 part oil and you get a soft, fluffy, packable sand-like material made from items you probably already have in the house! We made it with 4 cups flour and 1 cup baby oil (but you can use any oil like vegetable or olive; especially if you're worri... More

Looking for an AMAZING sensory toy for your kid? Freddie gives gives the dried bean bin his seal of approval!

Sometimes the path of least resistance ends with your kid eating waffles on the couch with no clothes on.

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