Fox Point, WI
Lindsay posted in Safety May 11

HELP! 1.5 YO is climbing out of crib!

Hi everyone. We have always been taught that once baby is able to climb out of a crib to transition to a toddler bed for their safety, but our daughter is 19mo and it just feels too early still. Any tricks for stopping the climbing? Or do we just baby proof the holy hell out of her room and go to a toddler bed? Background: she sleeps with a VERY flat pillow and her crib mattress is all the way... More

Tooth brushing for toddlers

Hey parents, when did you guys really start forcing the issue of tooth brushing? My 15mo has a good number of teeth and we have been offering her a baby toothbrush am/pm but recently she is disinterested and in fact vehemently opposed. I haven’t been really setting a boundary here yet since I’m not sure when exactly it’s important and didn’t want to make it an issue when it doesn’t need to be i... More

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