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Expecting in June

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Constipated two week old, continued

I've written before about our struggle with poops. Our baby is 15 days old and has only pooped on her own twice since bringing her home. I cannot keep up with breastmilk demand so i supplement with formula (1oz breastmilk 1oz formula) and not every feed, maybe three feeds a day or i'd be glued to the breastpump which is unrealistic. So most of her feeds are 100% formula, shown below as ... More

Local gem, wish it had more funding to spruce it up- I went here as a kid and it hadn’t changed since what seems like the 70s...

I’ve been supplementing with formula

I can only produce one ounce of breast milk per pump so I add some formula to the same bottle to feed my 1 week old. I feed her at 45 degree angle and make sure there’s enough in the bottle . It seems she makes the squeaking gulping noises so I’m worried she takes in a lot of air- and she gulps down super fast. I hope that’s normal?? She seems super hungry and can gulp down 1.5 oz in 10 mins... More

She only takes the pacifier to soothe :(

My baby is only six days old but i figured to try and see how she'd take to the pacifier, as a test. It went too well - now it's hard to take it away. Anything else sets her into a hissy fit. Any suggestions or folks with similar situations? I understand this is far too young to start this habit :(

Six day old still hadn’t pooped since Wednesday

We switched to formula on Wednesday to supplement since I couldn’t breastfeed the appropriate amount, per the hospitals recommendation. Since Wednesday my baby hasn’t pooped. No signs of distress really, she’s definitely gassy and we feed her 1oz every two hours. Still waiting nervously . Anybody go thru something similar in the early stages?

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