Sausalito, CA

All inclusive holiday

Looking for any recommendations for an all inclusive holiday! Looking for a week away where kids can have their own time (1yr old & 4 yr old) and my husband and I can have some time alone.. with wine.

Cyndi posted in Child Care Jan 25

Au pair

Wanted to get people's thoughts on an au pair, the pro's and the con's? Looking to get one for our 6month old and 4 year old. Keen to hear thoughts/recommendations

Toddler sleep issues since bringing home new baby sister.

Help!! My 4yr old used to be the "perfect" little sleeper (8am-8pm, no issues) since bringing home her new little sister (who is now 3mths old) she now struggles to get to sleep, sometimes she is still awake at 10pm and now she also wakes up every night around 2am to come into our bed and is sometimes awake for 2hrs. As an already sleep deprived mumma, I'm coming to my Witt's ... More

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