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Traveling with 5 month old

I’m traveling with my LO (5 months). Any tips/recommendations. I feel like I need a luggage just for essentials. I’m a bit lost. We are taking car seat (with base) stroller. In one bag I have bottle warmer and pump. How do I pack his formula and breast milk? I’m sure we will be in the airport 2 hours before flight and the flight is 3 hours. Ugh any tips will help.

LO constipated

My LO is 5 months and doc recommended to start him on stage 1 food when he was 4 months old. I’ve noticed that he hasn’t pooped in a few days and before that I can tell he was struggling to go. He doesn’t even enjoy eating for the last few days. Help! What can I do?

Transitioning to formula

I’m thinking of switching my LO to formula because I think I’m not producing as much breast milk as before. I think it might be stress (is that possible?) I tried giving him formula today while we were out and he was not happy. Ended up walking to the car to breastfeed him. It’s very hard for me to pump through out the day and at night he wakes up about every 2 hours 😖 I don’t know what to do😞

4 months and got the green light to start on fruits and veggies

Any recommendations? Pediatrician just gave us the green light to start with veggies and fruits and cereal.

Blanket donations

Hello everyone! There was a post here about donating blankets and towels for a vet. I have a huge bag to donate, but I can’t find the post. If you’re out there! Please reach out!

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