Interlochen, MI

I am the mother to one wonderful wild child

My two year old has recently been fighting sleep. If she takes a nap, which she acts like she needs she goes to bed nearly two hours later at night. If she doesn’t nap she is a total crank. Is it a phase do I just get through it or is it time for a change. She are starting to look at getting her a big girl bed, but I need this figured out first.

My little girl and I are sick with a cold, but my main concern is she keeps breaking out in crazy hives. They itch and she gets so uncomfortable, we did got to the doctor and she gave us some Zyrtec. I would just like to prevent them from happening but I have no clue what’s causing them. My question is has anyone else gone through this what helped and what didn’t?

Does anyone know of local mommy and toddler swim classes? I have arthritis and my doctor thought that might be a comfortable way to exercise.

Katie posted in Pets Dec 08, 2017

We recently got a puppy! My daughter loves him but just a little to much. She is not gentle she will pull his hair and hit him. I know she doesn’t know she is hurting him. She just thinks she is playing, his yelps sound like his playful bark. I am constantly reminding her to be gentle and nice to the pup. I was just a wondering if anyone else had some tips? Also if anyone has puppy potty train... More

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