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I'm a nanny and a lisenced preschool teacher. I always have kids under 5 around me, but mostly they are toddlers under 2. :) I am always looking for nanny groups or other groups of kids for interaction. We go to libraries, the zoo, the children's museum, including all at balboa park. etc.

Jessica posted in Sleep Sep 26

7month old-transitioning naps

So she wakes up at 6-630am everyday. If we do a morning nap(830-9ish) she sleeps 30mins tops but if I wait and put her down after 930-10am she sleeps for an hour and 20mins usually. Same with 2nd with her almost 3yr old brother at 2pm and she sleeps still 1hr and 20mins. Then goes to bed for the night around 6pm. Can 7month olds do two naps a day? Or should i be letting her take that... More

Help!! What are these?!

Both my kids have these. They don't seem like they are spreading or itchy, but one looked like it popped yesterday.

Dont know what to do!!

Still no teeth and refuses to sleep for hours! I will hold him, rock him to sleep and then when he's out, put him down. He immediately wakes up and screams bloody murder. I'm running thin 🤦‍♀️🤯 If i take him out and give up on nap time he smiles and is totally silent and just stares at me🤩

Problem with 4 month old

I have a 4 month old who drinks from bottles during the day. He swats with his hands (like he doesn't have control over them yet, which is fine) but when he does this, (if I dont grab his hands) he gets super angry. Sometimes, while he's drinking he just screams, like it seems to hurt or something. Mom has not been eating anything new or weird as far as breastmilk goes. I pat his back... More

Hi everyone!

Just needed some brush up facts about bottle warming and how long can you leave breastmilk out before you have to throw it away? Also, do any of you have a bottle warmer that is safe and works? Thank you!

Im a nanny. The child i watch at the moment is almost 6months. (End of the month) She is the toughest kid, ive ever worked with trying to get to sleep. She fights it for hours. (Today it was 3hours!) Her parents are trying to get her to sleep in the crib, so ive been going by what they want. She recently got a sleep sack, which seems to help. She takes a pacifier sometimes. Loves to be held, iv... More

I have a 4 month old who is not sleeping because of gas. Ive tried patting her bum, stretching her legs and tummy, different ways of holding her. If she does sleep its for 20mins. She didnt sleep last night until 6am for 40mins this morning. Any ideas?

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