Clawson, MI

Ftm to my little boy!

When will this babe roll over?? He looks like he's strong enough, he's rolling to the side to sleep, but he just won't initiate the roll by himself. I can get him started and he'll easily do it but he won't without a little push from me...he's 5 months so I'm not worried so much as confused since it seems like he CAN do it but just isn't....

Anybody else have a mini crib? We couldn't fit a big one in the nursery but now that our boy is getting bigger I'm almost sure he's going to bonk his head and limbs in here. He's 5mo and still sleeping in our room right now in a pack and play. He fits fine in the crib lengthwise but when he tries to nap in the crib he can't turn/spin around slowly like he does in his pack an... More

Anyone else get heart palpitations long after delivery? My son is 5 months and I'm trying to deal with this feeling like a fish is flipping around in my upper chest all the time! It's freaking me out, I keep thinking I'm going to have a heart attack or something even though I know that for most people palpitations are just a nuisance. Anyone else dealing with this? (Yes I've got... More

How long did your baby have teething pain before actually cutting a tooth? My almost 5 month old has been in various stages of tooth/gum related discomfort since 3.5 months and every week I'm sure "this is it, it's gonna come though!" But it doesn't...any stories?

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