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Jackie posted in Holidays Nov 30

Christmas gift fairness

I have a 10 year old step son and an 18 month old daughter and I’m not sure how to make gifting fair between the two. Our 10 year old put a list together and all of his items are anywhere from $70-$300!!! He doesn’t play with any toys and only likes video games!! Ugh I blame my husband for that one. At this age do you not worry about making sure they each get the same amount in dollar wise or ... More

Husband not on same page

I really believe we need to sleep train our 14mo, maybe the Ferber method. My husband is completely against letting her cry for more than 20mins. I informed him that I am going to start today and that maybe it would be a good idea if he sleeps out at his parents house for the next 3 nights (since he has to be up at 2am for work). His reply is great I’m getting kicked out of my own house. I told... More

Taking care of elderly while caring for baby

So my father has finally decided that my grandmother (his mother) needs to have herself checked out for dementia and what not. My father lives out of state and I am about 30mins away from my grandmother. Does anyone help take an elderly parent/grandparent to appointments, get groceries or anything else they might need with their little ones? My daughter is 13mo old so still requires a lot of at... More

Sleep training 13mo

I recently posted about my LO having issues sleeping lately. She’s been getting up almost 2hrs after going down and will be up for 2+hr screaming and crying. We will cave and bring her into our bed so the rest of the house and her get some sleep. She’s never slept in our bed or room until just recently when all this happened. I would like to nip it in the butt before it gets really out of hand.... More

13mo sleep problems

Most nights she would sleep through or get up for a quick cuddle (10-15mins). Recently my 13mo has really started having a hard time sleeping during the night. Yesterday she woke up from her nap at 4pm (like usual) and we started to put her down at 745pm but she didn’t go to sleep until 9pm! Then she woke up at 11pm screaming/crying inconsolably and I finally settled her by going downstairs and... More

Gastric bypass surgery

I am having gastric bypass surgery (the sleeve) in September. I have a 13mo right now who still requires a lot of lifting up and down. I have a very supportive husband and mother-in-law who lives in town who would be more than happy to help assist. Has anyone ever gone through this surgery with having such a little one that is still very dependent on you? Did you find the no bending or lifting ... More

Suddenly Picky eater

My LO just turned 13mo and has decided not to eat any meat/protein except for hotdogs!! Ugh it gets to be so frustrating. I don’t know what to do. Also, she’s not up for new fruits or veggies. We recently tried fresh pears, plums and mangos all of which she kept spitting out. I just don’t know what else to do. With the fruits/veggies I can still give her baby food pouches but for meats I’m at... More

Waking/crying at night

The daughter has always been a relatively good sleeper. Most nights she’ll just wake for a quick cuddle session and go right back to sleep until a few nights ago. Nothing has changed other then introducing cows milks and reducing her milk intake to 16oz (which we are down from 24oz to 18oz) and she’s getting a lot of teeth. Her bedtime and naps are still the same (up at 630/7am, nap 930-11am an... More

Taking temperature

How do I get my 1 year old to sit still while trying to take her temperature with a rectal thermometer? She’ll sit still but as soon as it hits normal body temp and going to rise she starts to kick and lift her butt up. I am afraid she is going to hurt herself. Should I turn her onto her stomach? I’ve purchased a ear/forehead thermometer but it seems to be off almost 2-3 degrees!! For exampl... More

Growth spurt? Teething?

My daughter turned 1 a couple of days ago and the same day decided she wanted to start waking up before 6am (5-530 instead) and not going back to sleep till 7am. She has also been taking a while to go down at night, anywhere from 45mins to 1.5hrs! She is still taking two naps a day (930-11 and 230-4 usually) and usually is asleep by 8 at the latest. This morning she woke up at 545 and she sle... More

Feeding schedule help

My LO turns 1 the end of the month!! Right now our feeding schedule is as follows: 730am breakfast 930am 8oz bottle formula 12pm lunch 2/230pm 8oz bottle formula 430/5pm dinner 730pm 8oz bottle formula Maybe 1 or 2 small snacks in there somewhere Should I continue this same pattern when she turns one but instead of an 8oz bottle of formula make it 5oz bottle of cows milk? Thanks!

Letting her cry

So my LO has started to stand in her crib. It’s been very hard to let her just cry in hopes she’ll soothe herself and go back to sleep. She just doesn’t seem to want to sit or lay back down. She will just stand there and continue to cry until someone goes to get her. As I’m writing this, she’s been crying for the last 15 minutes 😩. Any suggestions?

Sleeping help

So my LO has finally learned to pull herself up in her crib! Yay! Now the problem is she hasn’t learned how to sit back down. I’d like to be able to let her cry it out a little but I have to go in the room to either lay her down or sit her down. When I do this she just gets back up. Anyone have some suggestions?

Change in sleep

My 9mo was doing so great with sleeping and napping. We were even able to reduce her down to 2 naps (a 1hr and a 2hr nap). About a week ago she suddenly decided to stop sleeping 11-12hrs a night and not to sleep more than 30min and 1hr for her 2 naps. She also won’t let us put her down anymore for naps. She’ll scream bloody murder if we do. I think it’s teething but even giving her Tylenol does... More

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