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Mrs. HHH posted in Money Dec 28

Cash gifts given to very young children

What are you doing with money gifts given to young children? Mine is too young to “save or spend” his own money Sometimes I put it in his 529 account but this year the amount was very minimal.... sometimes I’ve used it to buy kid supplies and needs. Wondering what others do with cash given to kids 5 and under.

Suddenly waking up an hour earlier

Wow for the last 2 weeks my son started waking up an entire hour earlier. Every morning. Last night we put him to bed an hour later and he still woke up today an hour earlier! He stays in his room but he cries or is super noisy waking us all up. For 9mos he’s been consistently waking up around 7:15. Now it’s 6:15 regardless of when bedtime is. He’s almost 4. He doesn’t nap/won’t nap. He ha... More

sleeping through night without diaper/pull up?

We still use a pull up for bedtime because he pees several x a night. I used to wake him up around midnight to go potty but he gets super mad and cranky depending on where he is in his sleep cycle. One time I couldn’t wake him at all to go pee. He is 3.5

Looking for a good game app for toddlers

Sometimes when I need to do something I give my 3yo YouTube kids videos on my phone or iPad. I’d like to get him into something more interactive like a game app. Any recommendations for something fun and also semi-educational?

In laws building a pool. Is it child proof enough?

My in laws watch my 3yo a few days a week at their place. They’re building a backyard in-ground pool. We asked what they’re gonna do to keep it child safe. They said beeping alert doors to all doors and leading outside. So basically if my child opens any door it’ll beep throughout the house that a doors been opened. Does anyone think this is sufficient enough to keep a toddler safe in a home wi... More

Encouraging independent play

My son is an only child. He does not play well by himself. I always have to play with him or watch him do the playing. If I step away to do some “adulting“he’s begging that I watch this, look at this look at that. I try to mix up His toys but he is a child that really needs someONE to play with not things, I think. He’ll be an only child so he needs to learn independent play. How do I encou... More

What’s a good response for the incessant requests/demands of“mommy look at me!”

My 3yr old demands me to “watch this” or “ look at me!” Several x a day. Often it’s several x in a row too of doing the same thing. He is not starved for attention -only child. So what’s a clever or cute or effective way to respond after 5x in a row of “look mommy!” ???? Help wanted

What does everyone do with their kids artwork?

Mine is newly in preschool and we’re inundated with take home arts n crafts. Ideas on what to do with them? How long do you keep them etc?

Strep vs sore throat

My 3yr old is complaining about throat pain and he can’t eat anything besides cold popsicles. Runny nose but no fever. (Well he had a fever but it was 2.5 days ago). Every time I go to the pediatrician it costs me $160< out of pocket so I’m hesitant to take him if he just has a sore throat and cough. How do you parents figure out if your kid has strep or sore throat before getting a medica... More

Best toddler alarm clock

Looking for recommendations and reviews of toddler alarm clocks or toddler stay-in-bed clocks. This 5am wake up time is the pits!!! 😖

Toddler biting nails frequently

He’s 3. He has been biting his nails for about 3 weeks. How do I stop this nasty habit?

Holiday bonus/tip for daycare provider

What’s the standard for gifting the woman who watches my son one day a week? She operates a daycare. There is also another woman who co-runs it. I was thinking $25 to each plus a gift card for another $25 each... I’m new at this so any insight is appreciated.

Mom hair regrowth

Hi Moms Anyone had any luck using biotin or collagen for hair regrowth? I had a baby 3 years ago and my hair is still very fine in the front around my crown. My bangs are practically all fuzzy baby hairs - so ugly and hard to style. I’ve been taking biotin supplements for 55 days now and have noticed stronger nails but not in my hair. Wondering if I should try collagen or some other hair re... More

No bday present from grandparents who live here

I’m not sure how to feel about this but my in-laws didn’t give my little boy a birthday present this year. They live locally, came to the bday party and have seen my son several times since the birthday (October baby). I’m not the type to say anything to them (just post about it on Winnie of course! Haha). Anyone else ever experience this? Is it ok to feel kinda miffed? My in laws make a big... More

Help my son HATES his dad

My son (3yrs) has always strongly favored me (I work 4 days/wk) over my husband. He’s never favored his dad. I know kids are supposed to change their parental preferences but my son screams hysterically when his dad comes home or when his dad enters any scene. He won’t let him touch or kiss or get close without screaming NO NO NO over and over. It’s been this level about 6-8months where it seem... More

Cradle cap on a 3 year old?

Is this common? I always thought it was for infants....

Cough relief

How to alleviate coughing in small children? LO has a strong, wet sounding cough but no other symptoms. Been going on a week now. We’ve used: Humidifiers Vapor rub Swallowing honey A couple elderberry lozenges

How to go sugar free for kids

Calling in the cavalry! We want to try and go sugar free for our almost-3yr old to see if his mood swings might be lessened. I’m keeping fruit on the menu. Just want to eliminate processes and added sugars. Anybody else wean the kids off added sugar and noticed a difference in mood? Who is keeping their kids off added sugars and processed sugars? What are some tips? Ideas for food? How st... More

In laws not doing car seat properly

So frustrating! We’ve showed them time and time again how to properly secure LO in the car seat. Yet whenever they bring him over and I go to retrieve LO from their car I still see twisted straps, loose straps, harness down too low. I even asked that they take their car seat to a pro for install and be shown the proper way to secure a baby. I don’t know how many more times I can sound like a b... More

Organizations to donate baby items for foster kids/foster families?

I have gently used baby toddler items that instead of selling I’d love to donate to kids in need (not just donate to goodwill stores). Having a hard time finding resources on google search. Anyone in CA have suggestions? High chair, shoes, clothing, blankets, etc

Completely exhausted after a whole day w/ toddler.

I only have one child (2.5yo) and I am physically emotionally mentally wiped out before dinner time. I can’t wait to put him to bed! And then at night all I do is slump into the couch. He is a non stop chatterbox, not very disciplined, very needy on all levels and active. It is so so draining. My hubby works out of the house 12hrs/day which makes matters worse. Seriously this is THE reason we... More

Baby nudity at the beach?

I’ve always thought it was cute to see naked or diaper-less babies at the beach. Just an informal poll: What age would you stop letting your kid go naked at the beach?

Toddler is pissed off every morning

As if morning rushes weren’t stressful enough, I’ve been dealing with a 2yo who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed 6 out of 7 mornings a week. It is a fight to remove his wet overnight diaper. Tears screaming, physical resistance. Tried to make a game of it. Nada. He doesn’t leak overnight, he’s not hungry or thirsty. I hate mornings too, is it hereditary? He is happy for a second to see u... More

No beneficial activities for toddler by MIL

MIL and FIL care for him 2 days a week, 9-5. They’ve never taken him to learning link like I suggested (its already paid for) or any fun toddler centric activity centers around here. They’re retired and have money. They seem to just take him on errands, to the flooring store, cabinet store, etc. Even after I’ve suggested some fun activities they just end up doing what they need to or want to do... More

Without iPads, movie screens or any screen time, how would you cope for. 5.5hr car ride to the mountains? You know, like we did in the “olden days!” He’ll be almost 3 at this point. *Thanks for your creative suggestions- this is a great community!

I met a mom whose 9 month old son was in a forward facing car seat. I will see her again this week (I give her baby clothes but we are not friends). Should I say something about the carseat or mind my own business?

Son has skipped nap the last two days (his nap today isn’t scheduled yet for a few hours). He just turned 2 in October! As a SAHM I’m flipping out because I depend on those nap times. Do you think this means he’s getting ready to drop naps altogether? Isn’t 2 and 1/4yrs old a little young to drop naps or am I just wigging out over nothing? When did your toddlers drop naps?

Anyone else’s kid already bored with their Xmas presents? I put in lots of thought and time picking toys that would engage him for a while and he’s already over them. He’s 2 and it’s January 1. 🤦‍♀️

How come infants don’t have bad breath? (At least, my Infant didn’t). This isn’t a riddle, I wanna know. I mean, They’re on a diet of only milk and their mouths never see a toothbrush or toothpaste!

What happens to baby’s hair when you first cut it? Does it change texture and thickness? My 2yo boy has hair that’s never seen shears. (I posted a not-so-great, but recent photo) I’m so in love with his soft curly hair and he gets lots of compliments too (which I admit I also love). I’ll cut it eventually but am sad if his curls go away. So again: Does anyone know if baby’s hair changes afte... More

Looking to take my 2yo to Disneyland sometime in the next 6-10mos. Anyone know what time of year is slower i.e. less crowded season? TIA

When are you turning your kids to forward facing car seats? The new recommendation is now 40” or 40lbs and yet most moms I know turn their kid front facing before age 2, regardless of weight and height. Is that because most of them don’t know the new standard? My kid is turning 2 this month, he hates car rides and I’m pretty sure he’ll be better in a car once forward facing. He’s about 30lbs 35... More

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