Gardner, MA

Business man, who plays the piano on the side. Expecting Dad for the 1st time!

Finally baby Keidan was born!!

Keidan was born this Wednesday 8lbs, 21in.

It’s a boy!

We finally found what we’re having!

Dad App for advice & info

I downloaded this app & I like it. Wanted to share it with all of you dads out there! It’s called “Daddy Up”. Gives tips for you & even some relationship advice.

Ultrasound News!

We had trouble hearing the heart beat, so they ordered an ultrasound. Now, we finally know everything’s okay!!! Super excited knowing there’s a lil me growing... lol no words describe the joy a baby brings. #blessed #cantwait #superhappy #minime #baby #curlyhairedbaby #lol

Expecting Dad...

Is it bad or normal that I still don’t believe I’m having a baby...My wife (since she is the one pregnant) is very excited and tells me all about it & I don’t know what to say sometimes as it’s still not sinked in my head... I do get excited from time to time thinking about the idea of it. Experienced dads out there? What’s your story?

Any suggestions or tips I should be aware of?

Going to be a dad for first time. Due date April 2019! Nervous & excited at the same time...any suggestions or tips are welcomed! Dads out there!

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