Pflugerville, TX


Any other moms have LO's birthday so close to Christmas? My sons birthday is dec 2nd, he'll be a year old. I have no idea what to get him, for either xmas or his bday lol. We don't want to shower him in gifts, we're not materialistic people and want to pass that to him. Also, we're not denying hin access to girls toys either. I just don't know what toys are appropriate for his age

Almond milk

My son will be 10 months in a couple weeks...when should i start introducing almond milk? I'm not going to be giving him cows milk. He's not shown any intolerances, i just prefer him to drink almond milk..it's what husband and i have. He's still EBF with table foods for his meals in between nursing.

Baby events

Anybody know of any events for babies in the austin, round rock, pflugerville area? My son is 9 months old and I'd like to get out more with him so he can have some more interaction with other children his age. I already take him to babytime at the round rock library

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