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GnarDad recommended a place Apr 12, 2017


I'm looking into a family membership here. I'm on my third day of a trial membership. So far, so good! I've done four different classes and the kids enjoy the kid area. Sort of expensive but if it gets me active and healthy it's worth it...

The endless cycle of pink eye

GnarDad recommended a place Apr 05, 2017


Enclosed park, perfect for letting your kids rage while you try to catch your breath. Theres a tiny shopping center nearby and an even smaller library. The bathrooms are relatively clean. Two baby swings, two big kid swings. Basketball courts nearby are in constant use.

Just realized I'm dealing with sciatica in my left leg. Just did some yoga to help relieve the pain, took some Advil, and planning on switching up my diet to drop some weight (this goddamn DadBelly). Anyone else dealt with this and have any tips?

GnarDad recommended a place Apr 02, 2017


Today is the first Family Bike Ride of the year. Going to try to have my 5.5 year old in the fastest group today, it'll be his third time doing this, and the two slower groups have been way too slow for him. Wish us luck!

GnarDad recommended a place Apr 01, 2017


Went here today for a super fun birthday. Kids were fully engaged by the instructor while playing in the tumbling room, while we were upstairs in the party room. We could see our kids playing on a monitor while we relaxed and socialized. We came downstairs to the dance area to watch our children do a super cute mermaid princess dance performance. I've heard nothing but good things about the... More

This is one of my former guitar students. Her parents are divorced. Her dad cut her hair.

These Planetbox lunchboxes are fun! Next time you need to get your kid a lunchbox, this is the way to go!

Three Darth Vader socks, none of them match. Ugh, laundry...

My friend Michael Wertz is having a launch party for his new children's book, ABC Oakland, at the Oaklandish store. It's wonderful, I already have a copy, but I'll be attending this event!

GnarDad recommended a place Mar 26, 2017


Good place for breakfast with kids. Big outside area, good food, reasonable prices. The golf course isn't my cup of tea, but whatever. It's usually not terribly busy, I've never waited for a seat on the weekends.

There is a 4-year old girl at my son's preschool who has two moms, and she has picked me as her best friend, the biggest gnarliest dude there. Warms my heart 👩‍👩‍👧🖤

Reminder: I'm playing at the Alameda Free Library tomorrow from 10:45-11am. Local alameda children's band The Dilly Dallies might drop in to play a few songs. I might play a Fugazi song. Who knows?! All I do know is it's a chance to get out of the house with your kid!

GnarDad recommended a place Mar 20, 2017


This is a great space for brunch. Almost never a wait, the biscuits and gravy is really good (I usually get the half order, it's a lot of food). It's loud so you don't have to worry about your crying kid ruining someone's date.

Dealing with Pink Eye, again. It's the endless struggle in this house.

My 3.5 year old is currently on my chest like when he was a tiny baby. Usually I'm irritated by his 10:30 wake up, tonight I don't mind. Another 1.5 years tops and this will be over. Right now I'll take the cuddles.

"Your penis will get cold and your teeth will chatter." -my son to his brother, explaining why we can't turn on the sprinklers right now (we're having a pizza picnic on the front lawn)

My kids have been arguing over who gets to flush the poop for literally five minutes.

GnarDad recommended a place Mar 16, 2017


Storytime at the Library is pretty rad. On Thursday there's a 10am session for younger kids & an 11am session for the 3-5 year old set. The librarians do an awesome job.

Opened with a verse of this Bowie song at sing-a-long today. Nice little reminder that we can be heroes to our kids. 👨🏻‍🎤👩🏻‍🎤

Do you feel comfortable asking another family if they have firearms, and if they are secure?

GnarDad recommended a place Mar 14, 2017


The next two Wednesdays you'll find me doing this. You should join me with your baby.

I'll be playing music at the Alameda Free Library from 10:15-11am the next two Wednesdays. It's a mix of this hits (wheels on the bus, you are my sunshine, on top of spaghetti) and songs I like (white stripes, neutral milk hotel, Fugazi). It'll give you 45 minutes to zone out while I play music for your kids!

"If your early, you're on time. If you're on time, then you're late" -my son, who definitely takes after his mother, at school this morning

Spent nearly all day picnicking at the beach. What's your plan to tire your kids out for daylight savings bedtimes?

Has anyone here ever heard of a playground game called Sandman? I swear only kids in Alameda play it.

GnarDad recommended a place Mar 08, 2017


Perfect place to take your kid who is learning to eat. It's Ethiopian food, so there are no utensils. Your kid can use their hands and explore some new flavors. Also, they have hardwood floors, so you're not going to mess up their carpet! The ladies who work here are nice and the food is good and reasonably priced!

In solidarity with the International Women's Day Strike tomorrow, I will be taking over the duties of leading sing-a-long tomorrow, 10:15am-11am! Wear red. #DayWithoutAWoman

GnarDad recommended a place Mar 07, 2017


Sometimes I like to bring my kids here, even on an overcast day, just to see what the tide leaves behind. Pro tip: if you want to come here on a sunny day, the beach is grossest near south shore shopping center. Steer clear 🤢

Tahoe too expensive? Yosemite too crowded? Take your kids to Arnold, CA to enjoy the snow!

"Robots dont have butts or penises" -my son

GnarDad recommended a place Mar 03, 2017


Great toy store, lots of vintage and used toys at reasonable prices. The new stuff is a little expensive. The train area is awesome, kids love spending time in there. Just be sure to wash your kids hands afterward.

That feeling when you make a side trip to the toy store to make sure you have two of an item so the kids won't fight, and they no longer carry *exactly* the same item

I got pink eye. We have leftover drops from the other times I've gotten pink eye (and the kids had it). Any tips on getting it to go the fuck away?

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