Escondido, CA

My son is 15 months and still breastfeeding. He does not like regular milk I even tried almond milk and no luck. I'm also a stay at home mom so maybe it's becoming more of comfort thing. Any advice on how to get him off? I'm losing too much weight 😥 he never took the bottle 😑

Anyone in the San Marcos , Escondido area? My son Is 1 and it would be nice if he had play dates 💁‍♂️ also nice for this mom to get out as well lol

My son Is a year old and i was told he should drink milk now . Any suggestions on organic or regular milk ?

What is your opinion on speaking either Spanish or English first or both to my 1 year old son? I'm bilingual and it's important to me that he is too. :)

Hi does any one know of any mom/ baby classes or places for activities for a 1 year old ? 🤔😁

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